Using scribing at the English lessons

This work yells about how to use scribing in primary classes and effectiveness of drawing during the lesson. Not to use ready material, but show students how to draw interesting pictures. It makes our students learn English with lots of interest.
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Using scribing at the English lessons

English teacher: Bakhtiorazova Elmira


Secondary School by name Amankeldy  №19


LENOVO 8-775-849-25-49



The goal:

- To develop students’ interests in drawing pictures. Skills for students to express their own thoughts using pictures. Drawing attention of the student through graphic imagery and stimulating lessons. Improving the quality of information and remembering key points. Providing students with ideas and explaining what to do while reading the subject. Bearing in mind that the arguments should be based on each other, the classroom should always be involved in the learning process


- Getting material quickly and qualitatively to the pupil

- Establish close contact with the student

- Detecting gifted talents

- Interesting interpretation of the lesson


1. In a short time you can easily and accurately explain the material and convey the idea.

2. The language of pictures is understandable to everyone. To a certain extent, writing is a common language of communication.

3. Minimum costs - to create a project you will need a flat surface (tile or paper) and colored markers. To capture, listen, edit and upload video to the Internet you will need: a computer, monitor, speaker, microphone, screen, camera (other gadgets are allowed).

4. High-quality information development and the main provisions of the presentations. The interaction between visual information can help to easily process lectures and presentations, complex information is usually translated into ordinary symbols and objects in everyday life.

5. The possibility of constant communication with students during the performance.

6. An overview of all the information received as an opportunity to use the project at the end of the event (the overall view is completed at the end of the event).





  1. What is scribing? General concept of scribing
  2. Types and usage of scribing
  3. Learning outcomes
  4. Using scribing in primary school
  5. Conclusion


  1. What is scribing? General concept of scribing.

      In the modern world, the state and society are making diverse innovative methods for teaching and learning talents, one-to-one utilizing them, while others are ill-taught. The newest requirements force us to concentrate on the future. What do modern students  need for? Minimum  wasting time, but maximum results. There are many ways to optimize the learning process. Also do not forget about modern ICT tools. The visualization of the educational process gives the impetus to the development of the evolution. In the future, the training will be implemented, which will make the world a fertile future. It's logical, creative, effective working in the team, to make operative and practical decisions. With the help of time technology we can make our lessons more interesting and exciting. One of the most effective ways to support and develop the visual method is  scribing, which plays a vital role in the modern education. At this point, I want to tell you about new technology which we can use in our lessons – scribing.

Scribing - the latest presentation technique (from the English "scribe" - to sketch sketches or drawings); the speaker’s speech is illustrated on the fly with felt-tip pen drawings on a white board (or piece of paper); it turns out, as it were, the “parallel effect”, when we hear and see about the same thing, while the graphic series is fixed on the key moments of the audio series.

    Scribing is a graphical addition to the class of effective presentation of a new material, an accessory to the information source. Scribing transmits abstracts in presentations and drawings, structure links and illustrations of key moments. This new method is divided into two types: handmade and creation of computer. 80 per cent of my students can apply the new material. Anyway, there is a method to skip to this date: these are just a few examples and summaries that help you to get rich information about the type of information you want to learn.



  1. Types and usage of scribing

      We can use scribing for any our lesson and for any theme. You just have to choose the right one. Firstly, we must make a plan of the project and follow the plan. Don’t afraid to use as simple and easy images as difficult ones. The more you practice the more you will be the perfect one. The picture which you draw by imagination can be successful and funny.

10 steps to do scribing successful:

  1. Theme
  2. Team work
  3. Choose and find information
  4. Resources and combinations
  5. To show your creative skills in front of class
  6. Draw your pictures
  7. Correct the images and themes
  8. Record voice
  9. Edit video or a poster and text correction
  10.  To proclaim the project


1. Specification

2. Time effectiveness and description.

3. Reliability of the class to the full development of the material.



  1. Duration of the training: writing a scenario, drawing, dubbing, shooting, filming can take several days.


  1. Technical difficulties.


  1. low speed internet



                                3.Learning outcomes

           Creating a video in scribing is a long work, but the result is amazing.

- Students can create video masters, and in each class there will be children interested in drawing and editing videos.

- We need to give students more confidence and reveal their talents.

- Scribing is an effective technology to achieve new learning outcomes

- Needs a successful combination of words and pictures that can clearly present the main ideas of the presentation.

My first project was “Light and Darkness” in the 3rd grade which I made last year. The type of scribing was "handmade." On this subject, I used a blackboard and chalk. First, I laid the image of the earth on a board and laid the sun on one side and the moon on the other. I repeat the words by pictures . I mastered the new vocabulary used in the lesson and learned new words. At the end of the lesson, my students exceeded my expectations. About 65 percent of the students learned these words, and some of the extraordinary students remembered and explained this. It was a success for me. It was just a random project. The result was a great experience. And then I started working on the A3 format, indicating the topic of the lesson. The influence of the student on a simple picture began to grow.

   I continued my next step by creating animated videos in the POWTOON program. Since then, this is a very simple and effective program, I was able to learn how to do it and use it more widely. Some of my students are currently working on this program. I can confidently say that I have made some progress.

Advantages: Create video presentations in a couple of clicks. Ready templates are available on the service, additional ones are downloaded separately.

     All for free and with clear instructions. You can easily share your favorite template with a colleague via Facebook or send it by mail. A detailed menu will help to create a video lasting up to 5 minutes.

    Disadvantage: it's hard to figure it out on your own.

Moviemaker is also one of the coolest technology for IT teachers. Different presentations and photos and videos can be edited and applied with this program. I not only do it myself, but also ask other colleagues and students to work on these projects.

    Students use scribing not only in my lessons, they use it in other subjects too. It gives to students a chance to be more creative and imaginative and also gives discipline to increase their relevance and excitement.




GOANIMATE  will make a presentation from a cartoon.


Advantages: an extensive database of templates, effects, backgrounds, along with tips will help you feel like a Pixar animator.


Disadvantage : the free version is only 14 days , but then you can re-register using a different mailbox.

Sparkle Video Scribe

Advantages: free, simple, fast - in a couple of minutes you have a video ready. A huge database of ready-made templates (for example, the kind of hand that draws) allows you to create an original animation without the skills of an artist or designer.


Disadvantage: you need to download and install the program, only English and Hispanic menus.


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4.Using scribing in primary school


      The meaning of the visual thinking in primary school should be strictly planned. The use of psychological-pedagogical phenomenon in the use of the process of obtaining written papers in the process. The upbringing of children is formulated by a visual-illustrated fertilization.

    In the classroom we have often noticed that the simplicity of the training of software developers is using the method of scribing. Choosing the right pictures and images are important , they can learn more by watching ready scribing videos , and it can develop their relationships with each other. Having analyzed the data in the experimental class, we can say that visual thinking in the studied class is developed at an insufficiently high level. There were compiled characteristics of students who were at different levels in development of visual thinking. There are 3 levels of visual development: thinking - elementary, medium, high. Initial conclusion that

thinking, developing, occupies everything in the structure of thinking of primary school students more significant thing.

    In order to increase the level of development of visual thinking in the younger

school children we conducted lessons for the development of visual thinking with

using scribing. They perceive such kind of creation as a cartoon and feel happy to learn foreign language. Younger learners can evolve with the help of different, unusual video games or cartoon connecting with the new material very easy. So, I want to give you a good advice. Don’t be an old teacher. Develop yourself all the time and be a new teacher. (1).jpg










        To conclude, I want to tell that we must be ready for all new technologies and learn how to use them in our lessons. The method  of scribing is not just a program to teach the  best training and learning, but it is also very effective tool for ourselves to be more experienced.  We must remember that students are our wealth and it’s our duty to make them the most successful person in the world.  Take decisions and teach them very seriously.  No matter what the method it is, the method should be carefully taught, and the tutor needs the time to get the shot.  I noticed that my students are getting stronger day by day.  I want to have my own interests and ideas. My 11th grade can use all new computer techniques and they make their own project work in different themes. They are very intelligent and creative that can give teachers unexpected ideas for help.














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