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Урок английского языка в 8 классе "In the World of Communication"

Данную разработку, построенную на материале УМК К. Кауфман, М. Кауфман «Happy English.ru», можно использовать, работая и по другим учебникам. Урок начинается с проблемной ситуации, содержит некоторые тексты и задания к ним.
содержимого документа

Урок английского языка в 8 классе «In the World of Communication»

Учебник: К. Кауфман, М. Кауфман «Happy English.ru»

Цель урока: формирование коммуникативной компетенции обучающихся Задачи урока:

       развивать речевые умения;

       развивать умения обобщать, выделять главное, сопоставлять; 

       развивать навыки самоконтроля;

       развивать навыки работы в сотрудничестве с другими людьми.

Ход урока


Good morning, everybody!

Look at the blackboard: there is no topic name of the lesson on it!

But there are some texts  (the texts are on the walls). Let’s work in groups and fill in the gaps.

Use terms we have on the slide 1  

(communication, information, means )



Students move from one text to another and complete them.


So, can you tell me what the topic of our lesson is.

You are right. But do you understand what communication is?

Choose the situation when there is a communication. Look at the slide 2

1.     You swim in the river.

2.     You invite your friend to your birthday party.

3.     You drive your car.

4.     You play computer games.

Ss: Means of communication




Ss: There is communication when we invite a friend to a party.


OK. How do you act? What means of communication do we use in such a situation?




I phone my friend. The telephone is a means of communication.

I use my computer. It is a






And what about our grandparents? How did they act in such a situation?



What did people of the ancient time to send a massage?

Let’s learn more about it. Open your books at page 73. 

means of communication.

I go to my friend and speak to him. The language is a means of communication. 


 They sent telegrams.

They wrote letters.


Ss: They sent birds with letters.

Students read the text and find some more examples of means of communication.



Now , I want you to write down all examples of means of communication on our interactive board.


Students do it one by one.














Pictures Etc.


On our additional desks there are texts about some means of communication. Please, go to them and fill in the tables. 



Students fulfil this task in a group.

Then they check up their work using a slide 3


So, we can see that there are a lot of means of communication. 

Answer the questions, please.

What is the fastest means of communication?

What is the most unusual?

What is the most ancient?

What is the most modern?

What is your favourite?

What is used more often nowadays?

Students answer the questions.


At the end of our lesson, say what you have learnt about means of communication. 

Students make up sentences on the topic.


Your homework is to make to make a crossword puzzle about means of communication.



Тексты для первого этапа урока:

1.     … is a process, in which people   exchange   information, news, ideas and feelings. In general,     people can connect with each other with help of this process. 

2.     An action, system or thing by which a result is achieved. For example, with help of car people can move. So, the car is ….of movement.

3.     … is facts provided or learned about something or someone. 



Тексты и таблица для пятого этапа урока (тексты взяты из рабочей тетради









When was it invented

 Who invented it


























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