В этой статье подчеркивается важность электронных учебных ресурсов в эффективности класса. Электронное обучение, включая текст, графику, звук, анимационные материалы на экране компьютера, позволяет изучать, редактировать и записывать. Использование информационных технологий в лекциях, практических занятиях, лабораториях и независимых формах обучения будет эффективным.
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Makhmudova Malokhat Akhmadovna

Senior teacher, Navoi State Pedagogical Institute

E-mail address:

Nasirova Shaira Narmuradovna

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Navoi State Pedagogical Institute, E-mail address:


Based on the goals and requirements of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Strategy of Action for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan” (February 7, 2017, PF-4947) Reforms in the Lim system are aimed at the improvement of the national education system, the implementation of the “national model” in accordance with the world standards, and the enhancement of our spirituality. Special emphasis is also placed on eliminating serious shortcomings in the existing system of training through the development of close cooperation and mutually beneficial cooperation between the education system, science and industry [1].

Reforming the education system is aimed at building a new generation of educators with the highest professional culture, creative and social activity, and the ability to independently participate in public and political life. Modern pedagogical technologies play an important role in these tasks. Studying and applying pedagogical and information technologies is based on the need to improve the quality of education and training. The essence of pedagogical technology is the pedagogical process, which aims to accelerate learning, assimilate students and students, accelerate the process of learning, and guarantee positive results [2].

In modern times, the rise of scientific thinking, as well as scientific techniques, is taking place dramatically and intensively. Therefore, it is essential and essential for teachers to keep up with modern knowledge.

The use of a computer during the classroom provides new and unique opportunities for teachers and students to interact with interactive teaching materials. We need to be aware of modern programming languages ​​for interactive tutorials created by the teacher, so that they can be readily accepted by students. Other computer training tools, such as projectors, electronic boards, increase the amount of information using visual aids, thus facilitating the use of classroom time [3,4].

Nowadays, the possibilities of modern programming languages ​​- Delphi, Matlab, Matchad, Math, Maple, C - make the learning process qualitative. As a result, the effectiveness of the lesson will increase and students' interest and attitudes will change [4].

Improving the quality of teaching depends on the use of new teaching methods. In the new teaching methods, the student must be constantly searching and moving, ie receiving, processing, and applying the knowledge gained to solve specific problems. The use of information technology in lectures, practice, labs, and independent forms of learning is quickly becoming effective. For example, the use of virtual stands in the laboratory classroom is the basis for the good quality of the training.

The incredible development of computers and software products opens up great opportunities for the use of information technology in education. Training materials can be made in the form of multimedia systems and can be made available to the public through computer networks and transmission facilities. The widespread introduction of computer technology into the education system requires revision of all types of training materials. Multimedia e-learning materials should be developed for each form of teaching [5].

Usually, information and communication technologies are rarely used in practical and laboratory studies. However, research in the field of teaching technologies shows that it is in these forms of learning that the resources for improving the quality of teaching are hidden. The fact is that, in traditional teaching methods, it is not always easy to engage the group and control their development. Electronic learning of textbooks allows you to study, read, edit, and record text, graphics, sound, and animated material on your computer screen.

The electronic form of the training material is connected to an existing local network, which allows for corporate decision-making and information sharing. Computer-based computer and software tools allow students to take a personalized approach to the topic studied, to form their own ideas and to increase their activity [6].

The teacher server is able to monitor and record each student's progress through the computer and how the tasks are handled.

Sharing a single information hyperlinks provides a creative, collaborative learning experience for students and teachers.

In order to organize such training, the teacher needs to have the knowledge and skills in e-resource development programs and the availability of technical tools to provide the user interface in the classroom.

Modern teaching technology is an integrated (whole, dependency) system in which students acquire theoretical knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are based on educational objectives. is a well-organized set of elements of pedagogical activity focused on education? [7]

As a result of the full use of e-learning resources in the learning process, the following will be achieved:

1) they accept, understand, accumulate, but do not make a conscious, conscious recovery;

2) analyzes, compares, summarizes, and implements practical actions in direct collaboration with the teacher;

3) independently search for solutions to problems, independently identify ways and means of achieving expected results.

The higher the quality of e-learning resources made by modern programming tools, the more effective the learning process is [8,9]. Knowledge of interactive teaching methods is a special form of communicative activity in which learners are involved in the learning process and have the opportunity to explain what they know and think.

Pedagogical collaboration between pupils and teachers in lessons using e-learning resources will encourage the student to remain indifferent, to think independently, to be creative, and to maintain a constant interest in science [10].

E-learning materials are guaranteed high quality and effectiveness in all forms of learning.

Expected benefits of new pedagogical technology in the education system, its benefits, and the principles of improving the effectiveness of the lesson. By placing online learning resources created using modern programming languages, students will be able to enrich their knowledge, improve their remembering, organize lessons, and improve their thinking. broadens the outlook, encourages students to work on themselves, teaches them to express and defend their own ideas.


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