Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 6

Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 6 - текст и практические упражнение для понимания текста
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Caring for animals

There are more than six billion people in the world, but there are very many more animals. Lots of people help animals. Do you know any people who help animals?


Veterinarians, or vets, care for animals. Some vets work in veterinary centers in towns and cities. People take their pets, like cats and hamsters, when they are sick or hurt, or for vaccinations. Other vets go to farms, wildlife parks, and zoos to care for animals.
These vets are caring for a snow leopard in a zoo. Snow leopards are very rare - there are only about 4,500 wild snow leopards in Asia.

Animal charities

There are IOLS of animal charities. Some charities are small, and they help local animals. Other charities are large international organizations that help animals all around the world. Charities help animals in many ways, but they need money to do this. Many people give money to animal charities. Some people give money to adopt an animal - the animal stays in its home, but the charity uses the money to help to keep it safe.

Some volunteers from an animal charity in Germany collect toads that are migrating near dangerous roads. Then they take them to a safer place.

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