Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 5

Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 5 - текст и практические упражнение для понимания текста
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Some emergencies are because of a natural disaster like a tsunami or an earthquake. Others are because of something that people do, like fighting in a war. In emergencies, people need help very quickly.


People become refugees when they have to leave their home in an emergency or when their home is lost. There are millions of refugees in the world. Most refugees have had frightening experiences. They have often lost everything - their home, their job, and their school. Maybe they have lost people in their family, too. They often live in refugee camps - special places where refugees can live and be safe.

Refugees try to help themselves, but this can be very difficult. They usually need help from others, too. Refugees need food, water, and somewhere to live. They also need to see a doctor if they have been hurt or if they are sick.

Sometimes a country's government cares for refugees. International organizations like the United Nations usually help, too. Charities are also important. Some charities help to build refugee camps, and to give refugees food and clothes. Other charities help people who are hurt or sick. Charities also help refugees to go back to their home when it's safe.


One of the worst natural disaster happened in Indonesia on December 26th  in 2004. A huge earthquake under the Indian Ocean caused a giant wave, or tsunami, that traveled thousands of kilometers across the ocean at great speed. By the end of that day, more than 150,000 people had died. Many thousands more people were hurt, and millions people in many countries lost their homes.

Lots of people helped after the tsunami. Families, friends, and neighbors helped each other. Many people came from countries all around the world to help, too. Governments sent workers to help, and charities sent volunteers.

One of the biggest jobs was to clean up the beaches and towns. People saved things like wood and stones, to build new homes and buildings.


Another terrible natural disaster happened on January 12th in 2010. There was a huge earthquake near Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. More than 250,000 homes were damaged, and thousands of other buildings were destroyed. More than 200,000 people died, about 300,000 more people were hurt, and more ·than a million people lost their homes.

The people of Haiti worked with many people from other countries who came to help. One of the most important jobs was to care for people who had been hurt, and to find people who were lost. Dogs also helped to rescue people from under damaged buildings. People helped to get food and clean water to everyone, and medicines to people who were sick. They also made refugee camps for people who had lost their homes.

Ex.1 Write the words

  1. gecernmye
  2. ehutqeakar
  3. efeguremacp
  4. mevtgronen
  5. noriteitnalna
  6. smatuin


Ex. 2 Complete the sentences with help, hurt, emergency, clothes, tsunami, disaster, camps, refugees, earthquake

  1. An _______________ is when something dangerous happens.
  2. In an emergency, people need _______________ very quickly.
  3. When people have to leave their home, or when their home is lost, they become _______________.
  4. Refugees often live in refugee _______________.
  5. Refugees need to see a doctor if they have been _______________.
  6. Charities often give refugees food and _______________.
  7. In 2004, a serious _______________ caused a _______________.
  8. In 2010, another terrible natural _______________ happened.

Ex. 3 Order the words

  1. Some / because / emergencies / are / war. / of
  2. world. / refugees / There / aren't / in / many / the
  3. very / life / easy. / A / refugee's / is
  4. 250,000 / About / damaged / were / homes / Haiti. / in
  5. Dogs / to / people. / helped / rescue

Ex.4 Answer the questions

  1. Who sent volunteers to help after the tsunami?
  2. What did people save to build new buildings after the tsunami?
  3. When did the terrible earthquake in Haiti happen?
  4. How many people lost their homes after the earthquake?
  5. How did people help after the earthquake?
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