Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 4

Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 4 - текст и практические упражнение для понимания текста
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Our planet Earth and almost everything on it needs water. Without water, plants, animals, and people would die. In some places, there's a lot of water. In other places, there isn't enough water, and this makes life very difficult.


This chart shows how fresh water is used by people around the world. A lot of water is used for farming. Crops need water to grow, and animals drink water. In industry, people use water to help machines to work, and so that they can make the things that we need and enjoy. Water is also important at home. We drink water. We use water to wash ourselves, clothes, and dishes, and to clean the home. We also use water when we flush the toilet.


Many people work to provide water for fanning and industry, and for the home. Most of the fresh water that people use comes from rivers, lakes, or under the ground. People build reservoirs to store this water. They also build pipes to take it to different places.

In places where there isn't enough water, volunteers sometimes work with local people to build wells to provide water for families. They also help to keep water in wells and springs as clean as possible.


If people drink or touch dirty water, they can get very sick. People need clean water to stay healthy. People in richer countries are lucky, because they have all the clean water that they need. In the water industry, people use chemicals to clean the dirty water that people have used.

In many poor countries, people have no clean water. Every day, they have to use dirty water for cooking, drinking, and washing. More than one billion people don't have clean water to drink.


Today, there are about six billion people on our planet. Every day, there are more! Many people don't have enough water, or they have to travel a long way to collect water.

We need to do things now to make sure that people in the future will have enough water. We can all help to save water. Don't use too much water when you wash your hands and face, brush your teeth, and wash the dishes. Turn off the water when you have enough. Put water in the refrigerator, so that you don't have to turn on the water and use lots of it every time you want a cold drink. Take a shower, not a bath. If you have to take a bath, don't fill the bathtub.

Ex. 1 Write in the words: home, clothes, water, wells, shower, water (ЦЕЛИКОМ)

  1. Save ____________.
  2. Wash ____________.
  3. Clean the ____________.
  4. Drink ____________.
  5. Build ____________.
  6. Take a ____________.

Ex. 2 Complete the sentences: shower, industry, reservoirs, water, industry, pipes, wash, safe (только правильный вариант ответа)

  1. Without ________ , people, animals, and plants would die.
  2. Water is important for farming and ____________.
  3. We use water to _________ ourselves, clothes, and dishes.
  4. Water is stored in ____________.
  5. Water is taken to different places in ____________.
  6. In the water _____ , people use special chemicals to clean water.
  7. To save water, take a _____ , not a bath.

Ex.3 Answer the questions (ЦЕЛИКОМ)

  1. Why do people use water in industry?
  2. Where does most of the fresh water that we use come from?
  3. Why do people build wells?
  4. Why is clean water important?
  5. How many people are there on our planet today?
  6. How many people don't have clean water to drink?

Ex. 4 Translate “Saving water ” (ЦЕЛИКОМ)

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