Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 3

Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 3 - текст и практические упражнение для понимания текста
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Food for everyone

Some people are lucky because they have many different types of food to eat. In other places, people can't always grow or buy all the food that they need. Many people work to try to provide food for everyone.

Growing food

Healthy food helps people stay well because it has lots of important nutrients. When people grow food, they help themselves and other people, too. Some people have a garden or other land where they can grow fruit and vegetables for family and friends. Maybe they can't provide all the food that they all need, but they can help.

Farmers grow most of the food that people eat. In Asia, farmers grow a lot of rice, and in Europe, they grow a lot of wheat. In North America, farmers grow a lot of corn - almost 50% of all the corn that's grown in the world. The chart above shows that in 2007, more sugar cane was grown in the world than any other crop. About 30% of sugar cane is grown in Brazil.

Farmers also grow vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and onions, and fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas. Some farmers raise animals so that people can eat meat like chicken and beef.

Selling food

We all need people who sell food. Small, local stores sell food. Markets and supermarkets sell a lot of food. People even sell food on the Internet!

Not enough food

People in some parts of the world have as much food as they need to be healthy. People in other parts of the world don't have enough to eat and, sometimes they are so hungry that they can die.

In some places, people can't grow crops because the weather is too hot and dry, or too wet. This often means that they don't have enough to eat. Sometimes, people can't buy food because of a war, or a natural disaster like a bad storm. Maybe food is too expensive and people don't have enough money to feed themselves and their families.

Around the world, more than one billion people don't have enough food. Without food and water, people can die after only four weeks.

Helping hungry people

Many people work to help others who don't have enough food. Some charities give people seeds, so that they can grow food. Experienced farmers teach other farmers how to grow the strongest, healthiest crops, like corn or sugar cane. Some charities help farmers to become Fairtrade farmers. Fairtrade farmers usually sell their crops straight to stores and supermarkets, so .that the farmers get more money. This helps them to buy more seeds and to grow more food. Now scientists are even making seeds that can grow with little water.

In some countries, scientists have learned to make rain! They put special chemicals into very cold clouds.

Ex. 1 Choose the corrects answer

  1. Healthy food / feed helps people to stay well.
  2. Some people grow food in a market / garden.
  3. Farmers / Teachers grow most of the food that people eat.
  4. In Asia, farmers grow a lot of rice / wheat.
  5. Farmers grow vegetables and friends / fruits.
  6. Sometimes, stores / charities give people seeds.

Ex.2 Complete the chart

Rice, potatoes, apples, oranges, onions, sugar cane, wheat, carrots, corn, bananas
















Ex.3 Complete the sentences with animals, Brazil, oranges, seeds, supermarkets, Europe, food

  1. Some people are lucky because they have many different types of __________________ to eat.
  2. In __________________, farmers grow a lot of wheat.
  3. In __________________  , farmers grow a Lot of sugar cane.
  4. Farmers grow fruits like apples, __________________, and bananas.
  5. Some farmers raise __________________.
  6. People can buy food in stores, markets, and __________________.
  7. Scientists are making __________________ that can fight plant diseases.

Ex. 4 Answer the question

  1. Why does healthy food help people to stay well?
  2. Where can people grow food for family and friends?
  3. What are the main crops that farmers grow?
  4. What types of meat can people eat?
  5. How many people in the world don't have enough food?
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