Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 2

Тексты "Helping around the world ". Chapter 2 - текст и практические упражнение для понимания текста
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People who teach others do one of the most important Jobs. Education helps people to get a better job and to have a better life. Education is important for everyone.


When we are very young, we don't know much about anything! Our parents and other people in our family teach us many things at home. Before we go to school, they help us to eat, walk, talk, and play. They help us a much as possible at the start of our life.


School teachers have a very special, important job. 'I hey get children ready for adult life. School teachers help very young children to read and write, and to do art and simple mathematics. They also teach older children subjects like geography, history, science, and languages.

Many other people help in schools. Classroom assistants give more help to children who need it, for example, children who are disabled. In some schools, cooks make snacks and lunch for children and their teachers. Playground assistants help children to stay safe when they are in the playground.

Sadly, many people in the world can't have a good education. Today, only about 82% of people who are more than 15 years old can read and write.


Education isn't just for children. After schools many young people go to college or university. Some people go to college or university when they are older adults. Others study different subjects at home after work.

Professors teach college and university students many different subjects - from architecture to zoo logy! One of the most popular university subjects is law. Professors need to know a lot about their subject so that they can help students to do well and get better jobs through life.

One of the biggest universities is Indira Gandhi National Open University in India. It has about two million students!


Education doesn't stop after college or university. Trainers teach workers new information, for example, Information Technology or a new language, to help them to do their job better. Education really is for life!


All around the world, there are volunteer teachers. Doing voluntary work is a wonderful way to see new places and meet new people. Volunteers also help n any children and adults to learn information that can help them through their life.

Volunteer teachers work in different ways. Some volunteers move to another country to teach there for a few months or years. Others stay in their own country. Maybe they go to a school for just one or two hours a week, to help young children with subjects like reading and mathematics. Maybe they each their country's language, for example, French, Spanish, or English, to people who move there from another country.

EX. 1 Answer the questions

  1. Who teaches children at home?
  2. What do teachers help very young children to do?
  3. What do playground assistants do?
  4. Who teaches college and university students?

EX. 2 Complete the sentences

  1. __________________ helps people to do a better job.
  2. School __________________ get children ready for adult life.
  3. Classroom __________________ help children who are disabled.
  4. After school, many young people go to college or __________________.
  5. Trainers teach workers new __________________ to help them to do their job better.
  6. All around the world, there are __________________ teachers.

EX. 3 Would you like to teach others? Why / Why not? (GIVE AT LEAST 3 ARGUMENTS)




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