Тексты "Caring for our planet". Chapter 6

Тексты "Caring for our planet". Chapter 6 - текст и практические упражнения для отработки понимания текста
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Without plants, we would have nothing to eat. We also use plants to make clothes, homes, and medicines. Plants take carbon dioxide from the air, and they give us oxygen to breathe, too. Plants are really important!


All living things are part of food chains. Plants are at the start of all food chains because plants only need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide from the air to make their food. Animals need to eat plants, or they eat other animals that eat plants. So we all need plants!


Plants give us food like fruit, vegetables, and rice. We eat fruit and vegetables because they contain vitamins that keep us healthy. Cereal crops, like wheat and corn, give us flour to make bread. Many drinks, like tea, coffee, and chocolate come from plants. We also use some plants as herbs or spices to make our food taste good.

We use olive trees in many ways. We can eat the fruit, and use oil made from the fruit for cooking. The oil is also good for our hair and skin.


For thousands of years, people have used plants as medicines. Many modern medicines are made from chemicals that were first found in plants. Many plants that are used for medicines grow in rainforests. For example, the rosy periwinkle from Madagascar contains chemicals that can treat two types of cancer.


In the daytime, plants take carbon dioxide from the air to make their food. This helps to reduce global warming. It's one of our planet's natural ways to reduce carbon dioxide.


Plants need clean air and water to grow - polluted air and water can damage them. Global warming is also a problem. Some plants cannot grow in their usual place if the temperature gets too high, or if there is extreme weather like floods.

We are using too many trees. Big international companies cut down huge numbers of trees for wood to make furniture or paper. Sometimes they cut down trees in rainforests to make space to grow crops or to raise cattle, so that they can produce cheap food like palm oil and hamburgers.


If we keep our planet clean and use fewer fossil fuels to reduce global warming, we will save millions of plants. We must also use fewer trees. We can use less paper and recycle it. Some charities collect money to buy trees to keep them safe. We can pay people to care for trees and use them in different ways to make money. For example, farmers can sell nuts from their trees. We must stop companies destroying rainforests to bring us cheap food.

We can plant new trees. Countries and big companies can also replace the trees that they use. Finland and Canada already do this.

Ex. 1 Answer the questions (находите предложение их текста и выписываете его)

  1. What do plants need to make their food?
  2. What oil is good for your hair and skin?
  3. Why do companies cut down trees?
  4. How can we protect plants?

Ex. 2 Match the part of the sentences (Полностью пишите предложения)

Ex. 3 Write true or false (просто T или F)


 Ex.4 Order the words (пишите предложение полностью)

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