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Keeping our planet clean

Every day we throw away waste from our homes, schools, offices, and factories. This waste is collected in trucks, then some is recycled, and some is burned or put underground. What do you do with your waste?

Too Much Waste

People throw away too much waste. In some countries, there is not enough space to put any more waste underground. Some things that we throw away, like plastic bags, refrigerators, and cars, will stay underground for hundreds of years.

In the USA every person produces more than 2 kilograms of waste every day. So for the whole country that's more than 232 million metric tons!

Waste Makes Pollution

Sometimes, people throw waste into rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Human waste and waste from factories also pollute water. More than a billion people in the world do not have clean water to drink. Every day, people die from dirty drinking water.

Some people leave waste on streets, in the countryside, and on beaches. This pollutes our planet, and it's dangerous for animals if they eat the waste.

Too Many Plastic Bags

We throw away more plastic bags than anything else! Plastic bags are a huge problem for our planet. It's difficult to recycle them. You can use a plastic bag for only five minutes, but it can take 500 years to decompose. People throw away too many plastic bags and this pollutes our cities, countryside, and oceans. Many fish, birds, and other animals die if they eat a plastic bag, because then they can't breathe or eat food.

If people have to pay for plastic bags, they will use them less. In 2002, when people in Ireland were asked to pay for plastic bags, the number of bags used reduced by 90% in one year! In many countries today, there are no free plastic bags.

Try to use plastic bags lots of times, or use a bag that is made of a natural material instead.


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What Can We Do?

When we throw things away we must do it carefully - never throw waste into streets, rivers, or the ocean.

We can throw away less waste, for example, we can reuse more things before we throw them away. 'We can throw away much less food and garden waste by using a compost bin. In a compost bin, worms and bacteria eat the waste and change it into good soil called compost. We can use compost to help plants to grow better.

Another way to reduce waste is to recycle things. Many people already recycle lots of things' like paper, cans, plastic and glass containers, and clothes. We can also recycle bigger things like parts of cars. The recycled materials can then be used again to make new things.

In Kamikatsu in Japan, people are hoping to recycle everything by 2020. They divide their waste into 34 different types for recycling.


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