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Reducing Travel

Most of us travel to school or to work every day. Maybe we travel by car to go shopping or to visit friends, or by plane to go on vacation. Why should we travel less?

The Problem with Travel

Cars, planes, buses, and ships all put carbon dioxide into the air. This increases the greenhouse effect and makes our planet warmer. Vehicles also pollute the air with other gases. This makes our cities dirty.

Airports are getting very very busy. About 59,000 international passengers travel through the main airport in New York every day.

What Can We Do?

It's very difficult to stop traveling, but we can think carefully about the way we travel. For short journeys, we can walk or cycle. This is also better than sitting in a car because exercise is good for us. We can share cars or use public transportation for some journeys. We can try to use small cars because they use less fuel than big ones.

We should also reduce the number of vehicles that we make, because we use fossil fuels to power the factories where we make the vehicles.

Some people try to fly less often, and if they have to fly, they do something called carbon offsetting. They find out how much carbon dioxide their journey will produce. Then they pay to plant enough trees to use all the carbon dioxide that the journey made.

Cleaner Cars

Engineers are investigating how to make car engines cleaner so that they won't damage our planet so much. Modern cars have machines called catalytic converters that change exhaust gases into cleaner gases.

Instead of using gasoline, some cars use electricity and others use a mixture of gasoline and electricity. Some cars use fuels made from plants. These biofuels can be made from nuts, corn, and other plants. There are also a few cars that use electricity made from solar energy. Maybe in the future all cars will be powered in these ways

Cleaner Planes

Engineers are trying to make plane engines that don't pollute the air, but it's very difficult. They know that lighter planes with bigger wings use less fuel. They are designing better planes all the time.

Some planes can fly using biofuels, but many people think it's wrong to grow plants for planes. They say that we need the land to grow food for people. What do you think?

A few planes are already powered by solar energy, but they don't have any space for passengers.

The Zephyr plane is powered by solar energy. It's very tight and it doesn't carry people. In 2008 it flew without stopping for 83 hours.

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