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Scientists are investigating ways of making clean electricity that is not made with fossil fuels. This is important if we want to reduce global warming and pollution. How is electricity made in your country?


Nuclear power stations make electricity without using fossil fuels. They don't put carbon dioxide into the air, but they produce dangerous radioactive waste. This waste is put underground or under the ocean, where it must stay for thousands of years before it’s safe.


Another way to make electricity is to use the heat from the sun. Solar power stations only work well in places where it's very sunny all year long.

In many countries, people use solar energy from solar panels to heat water in homes, offices, and swimming pools, and to power watches, calculators, and road signs.

In sunny countries, you can cook by using only heat from the sun. All you need is sunshine and a solar panel!


Wind turbines use the energy from the wind to make electricity. We can build wind turbines in isolated places and also in the oceans. They can be useful in colder countries where there is not enough sunshine to use solar energy to make electricity. Germany, for example, makes 6% of its electricity in wind farms. All around the world there are more and more wind farms.


Geothermal energy comes from the heat that is trapped underground. Hot water and steam from underground can be used to heat buildings, and to make electricity. In Iceland there is lots of hot water underground. Geothermal power stations make about 25% of Iceland's electricity.

Hot water from the Svartsengi geothermal power station in Iceland is used to fill an outdoor pool. It’s enough for swimming.


We can make electricity by using energy from moving water in rivers, lakes, or oceans. This is called hydroelectricity. The first hydroelectric power station was built in 1882. It was a simple water wheel. It made enough electricity for 250 light bulbs.

The biggest hydroelectric power station in the world today is the Three Gorges Dam in China. It can make enough electricity for whole cities!

In 1966, scientists in France started to make electricity using energy from ocean tides. Then other scientists used energy from waves. Scientists are now investigating better ways of using energy from tides and waves to make cheap and clean electricity.

Ex.1 Answer the questions

  1. Where can we make solar energy easily?
  2. What moving water can we use to make electricity?
  3. How is electricity making in your country?

Ex. 2 Write the words and complete the sentences (сокращ)

Ex. 3 Order the words. Then write true or false

Ex. 4 Write a place (сокр)

Ex. 5 Complete the sentences (сокр)



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