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Keeping our planet cool

Scientists think that Earth's climate is changing and the weather is getting more extreme. They think that this is happening because Earth is getting warmer. Why is this happening, and how can we keep our planet cool?

The greenhouse effect

Earth gets heat from the sun. Some of the heat escapes into space, but some is trapped by a blanket of gases. This keeps Earth warm enough for us to live here, and it's called the greenhouse effect because it works like a greenhouse.

Global Warming

When we use fossil fuels we make a gas called carbon dioxide. Scientists think that we are putting too much carbon dioxide into the air. The carbon dioxide increases the greenhouse effect and Earth gets warmer. This is called global warming.

Extreme Weather

Scientists think that global warming is changing our climate and making the weather more extreme. This is a problem for people, animals, and plants.

Hurricanes are getting more dangerous. In 2005, a huge hurricane hit New Orleans in the USA. About 2,000 people died, and most of the city was flooded.

There are many rivers in Bangladesh. There are always floods in the rainy season, but the floods are getting worse. Every year, some people die and thousands of people lose their homes.

In Bangladesh, some people make floating gardens. They grow food on them, so that they have food during the floods.

In the Sahara Desert in Africa, there is not enough rain and the desert is getting bigger. People have left their homes because they can't grow food. The Gobi desert in China and Mongolia is also getting bigger. Desert sand blows all the way into cities in North Korea and South Korea.

Melting lce

Earth is getting warmer and the ice is melting at the North and South Poles. As this ice changes to water, the sea level is getting higher. This is dangerous for low countries like Bangladesh, and for low islands. Tuvalu is a country in the Pacific Ocean and it's made of groups of islands. Parts of the capital, Funafati, are now only 10 cm. above sea level. Scientists think that the ocean will soon cover the land, and the people who live there will have to move to other countries like New Zealand or Australia.

What Can We Do?

Scientists are investigating ways of predicting extreme weather so that people can be ready for it. Charities are working with people to build stronger and higher homes. They are also giving people special radios so that they can hear about extreme weather and move to a safer place.

Our planet has natural ways to reduce carbon dioxide. Oceans and plants use carbon dioxide, so we must protect our oceans and plants.

We must try to keep Earth cool by using fewer fossil fuels and producing less carbon dioxide. We need electricity, but we can make it without using fossil fuels. Instead, we can use nuclear energy, or natural energy from the sun, wind, or water.

Ex. 1 Complete the sentences with the following words: warm, fuels, effect, greenhouse, fossil, sun, carbon, gases, dioxide (СОКРАЩЕННО)

  1. Heat comes to Earth from the ______________.
  2. Some of the heat is trapped by a blanket of ______________.
  3. The greenhouse effect keeps Earth ______________ enough for us to live here.
  4. We make carbon dioxide when we use ________ ______.
  5. Carbon dioxide increases the ___________ ________ and this makes Earth warmer.
  6. Ocean and plants use ______________ ___________.

Ex. 2 Write true or false. Correct the false ones СОКРАЩЕННО

  1. There are many rivers in Bangladesh.
  2. The Sahara Desert is getting smaller.
  3. Many people died in a hurricane in New Orleans in 2005.
  4. The sea level is getting lower because of melting ice.
  5. Funafuti is the capital of Tuvalu.
  6. It's possible to grow food on floating gardens.

Ex. 3 Make a sentence ЦЕЛИКОМ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ

  1. increases / Carbon / dioxide / the / effect. / greenhouse
  2. climate. /global / our / think / is / Scientists / that / warming / changing
  3. 10 / level. / Funafati / only / Parts / are / of / centimeters / sea / above
  4. dioxide. / to / has / Our / reduce / natural./ planet / ways/ carbon

Ex.4 Translate the “Melting Ice” paragraph


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