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Renewable Resources

Some natural resources, like water, sun, wind, soil, animals, and plants, can replace themselves naturally. They are called renewable resources. They will not run out if we don't use them too quickly. If we use them carefully, we will have lots of these resources to use for a long time.

We All Need Water

Water is one of the most important natural resources on Earth. We need fresh water to drink, and we need it to grow and cook food, and to wash. Plants, animals, and people all need water to live.

About 70% of Earth is covered with water, but most of this water is salt water in oceans. People need fresh water to drink, but only about 3o/o of Earth's water is fresh water.

In some countries there isn't enough water. Sometimes, people have to travel a long way to collect water, or they move to a new place where there is water.

Non- Renewable Resources

We use fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil in power stations to make electricity. We use electricity to power lights. Refrigerators, televisions, and computers all need electricity, too. Many people use electricity to cook and to heat their homes. We also use electricity to power some vehicles, and we use oil to make gasoline to power cars and other vehicles.

The problem is that these fossil fuels cannot be replaced, so when we have used them all, they will run out. They are called non-renewable resources! and we are using them too quickly.


Sometimes we make our resources dirty. This is called pollution. We pollute the air when we use fossil fuels to make energy like electricity. \We pollute water when we put waste into it. People, animals, and plants all need clean air and water.

What can we do?

There are lots of ways we can help. We must keep water clean, and we must not waste it. Some charities are helping people to collect and store water. They are also building new dams, wells, and pumps, so that people can have clean water nearer their homes.

We must use non-renewable resources carefully, and we must not waste them. Scientists are investigating ways to use renewable resources, like sun, wind, and water, to make electricity so that we don't need to use so many fossil fuels. We can also try to use less electricity.

Ex. 1 Revise the text and answer the questions

  1. What resources can replace themselves naturally?
  2. Why is water so important?
  3. What do people do if there isn't enough water?
  4. How can we care for water?
  5. What is the problem with fossil fuels?
  6. What do you use electricity for?

Ex. 2 Fill in the gaps with following words: electricity, fuels, water, pollution, fresh, fossil, renewable

  1. _________________ resources can replace themselves naturally.
  2. We all need ___________ to live.
  3. People need ___________ water to drink.
  4. Coal, gas, and oiI are __________ ___________.
  5. We make ______________ in power stations.
  6. When we make resources dirty this is called ______________.






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