"Spring is a season of love"

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Номер слайда 1

Chat smb up обольщать разговором

Номер слайда 2

Date smb встречаться с кем-либо

Номер слайда 3

Fall in love with. ВЛЮБИТЬСЯ В кого-либо

Номер слайда 4

Fall out withпоссориться

Номер слайда 5

Make up with помириться

Номер слайда 6

Feel lowбыть в депрессии

Номер слайда 7

Get divorced. Развестись

Номер слайда 8

Cheat onизменить

Номер слайда 9

Get married toжениться

Номер слайда 10

Get on one’s nervesдействовать на нервы

Номер слайда 11

Break up withрасстаться

Номер слайда 12

make up withпомириться

Номер слайда 13

give smb the silent treatmentобъявить бойкот

Номер слайда 14

Have a lot in commonиметь много общего

Номер слайда 15

Ask smb outпозвать (на свидание)

Номер слайда 16

Use the right verb form to answer the questions

Номер слайда 17

What is he doing ?He is chatting her up

Номер слайда 18

They are dating. What are they doing?

Номер слайда 19

He has fallen in love with smb. What has he done?

Номер слайда 20

He has fallen out with smb. What has he done with her?

Номер слайда 21

What have they done?They have made up

Номер слайда 22

She is feeling low. How is she feeling?

Номер слайда 23

She has got divorced. What has she done?

Номер слайда 24

He cheated on her. What did he do to her?

Номер слайда 25

They are getting married. What are they doing?

Номер слайда 26

Everyone is getting on her nerves. Why is she saying this?

Номер слайда 27

They have broken up. What have they done?

Номер слайда 28

He wants to make up with her. What do you think he wants?

Номер слайда 29

She is giving him the silent treatment. What is she doing?

Номер слайда 30

They have a lot in common. What do they have?

Номер слайда 31

He asked her out. What did he do?

Номер слайда 32

What verb phrases do you hear?{5940675 A-B579-460 E-94 D1-54222 C63 F5 DA}12345678910

Номер слайда 33

1 Chat smb up a) Invite someone to something, such as dinner, the theater, or a date.2 Date smb/ go out with b) to decline/reject one’s proposal or smth3 Make up (with smb)c) to disappoint4 Break up / split up with d) to talk to someone in a way that shows you are  attracted to them5 Feel lowe) To feel depressed6 Ask smb outf) split up with 7 Let smb downg) To forgive smb after an argument8 Turn smb downh) to make a usually romantic arrangement to meet with smb9 Get on one’s nervesi) to become extremely annoying to smb

Номер слайда 34

The Key: 1d, 2h, 3g, 4f, 5e, 6a, 7c, 8b, 9i

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