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The room is decorated, there are some Christmas trees in it, chairs are standing near the walls, children are sitting on the chairs or standing nearby.

They are going to meet Santa and have some competitions.

(For every competition all the children are divided into 3 teams (crews) each consisting of 6 or 10 students. Each crew has to choose a captain. Every captain gets a Christmas hat and puts it on (white, blue or red one)).


I. The Clown (comes into the room, stays in front of the children and starts):  - “Ha-ha-ha! Hello! Do you know me, Who am I?”

- No, I am Santa!

(Children are saying NO! Santa is coming in with his helper Elf.)


Santa:- “Haw-haw-haw! Hello! Do you know me, Who am I?”

(Children are saying SANTA!)


The Clown: - “No! I am Santa!”


Santa:- “No! I am Santa!”


The Clown: - “No! I am!”


Santa:- “OK! If you are Santa, where is your Santa`s hat?”


The Clown (puts a hat on): - “Here!”


Santa:- “And where is your belt?”


The Clown (puts a belt on): - “Here!”


Santa:- “Aha! But where are your boots?”


The Clown (shows boots): - “Here!”


Santa:- “OK! Where is your Santa`s bag?”


The Clown (takes an Elf`s bag): - “Here!”


Santa:- “And where is your helper Elf?”


The Clown (takes one of the children): - “Here!”


Santa:- “OK! If you are Santa, you must know everything about Christmas and New Year!”- Now answer my questions:

(The Clown gives wrong answers.

Santa asks children if they know the answers.)




  1. When do people celebrate Christmas in England, Norway and the USA?
  1. on the 25th of December,
  2. on the 1st of January
  3. on the 7th of January


  1. When do people celebrate the New Year?
  1. on the 25th of December
  2. on the 31st of December
  3. on the 1th of January


  1. When do people celebrate Christmas in Russia?
  1.    on the 25th of December
  2.   on the 31st of November
  3.    on the 7th of January



  1. What do people decorate for Christmas?
  1. fir trees, rooms and houses
  2. home plants, pets and birds
  3. teachers, parents and neighbors


  1. What do people find under the Christmas tree?
  1. money               b) presents                  c) babies


  1. What do people put into stockings on Christmas?
  1. candles              b) cards                       c)sweets



  1. Who pulls Santa`s sleigh?
  1. reindeers            b) horses                   c) cats and dogs         


  1. What do people make of snow in winter?
  1. elves                  b) presents                 c) snowmen


  1.  Who brings presents at Christmas Eve?
  1. Teacher             b) Snowman              c) Santa (Father Christmas)          




- “I see, all of us see, that you are not Santa”

The Clown (Cries):

 - “Of course I am not!”

- “But I like when children are laughing and smiling, that`s why I want to be Santa!”


- “You can`t be Santa, because you are a Clown, but you can help us!”

The Clown:

 - “Hooray!!!”


II. Santa:

- Now children, answer my last question: “How many deer are there in my sleigh?”

    The Clown:

- Let`s see, whose reindeer are the best!


1st competition «Santa’s reindeer»

Each team is given a hoop (it`s a sleigh).

Children are standing inside the hoops (they are reindeer) and captains are standing behind them (they are Santas).

The crews are to run a circle around their Christmas tree and get back. The first gets 3 points, the 2nd – 2 and the 3d - 1 point.


III. Santa:

- Look at our Christmas tree, it`s big and beautiful, but there are two small trees. What`s wrong with them?

- Yes, you are right, they have no decorations.

    The Clown:- Let`s decorate the trees!


2nd competition «Dress the Christmas Tree»

There are 2 Christmas trees in a class.

Every team gets some (4-8) decorations (white, blue or red).

Each decoration has a word on it, some words are in singular and some are in plural form.

The task is to put singular words on one tree and plural words on the other.

Wins the crew which has made fewer mistakes.


IV. Santa:

- Very good! Very nice! You are very clever children!

    The Clown:

- Now let`s see how smart you are!


3d competition «Sweet Presents»

Captains stand up in front of their crews.

They put their hats off and hold them in hands upside down.

Every member of each crew gets a sweet.

The task is to throw sweets into your captain`s hat.

The crew to get more sweets is the winner.




V. Santa:

- Yes, you are very smart! But, can you guess well?


4th competition «Christmas box»

There are 3 boxes with small Christmas things in each one.

Every team is to guess what is there in its box, asking only three questions.

One true answer – 1 point.

If the team fails, the other one can say what is it and get the point.




VI. Santa:

- You are clever and smart children… and you are so hot!!!

- Haw, haw, haw… I must go back to the North Pole, it`s too hot here!

    The Clown:

- Oh no! Children, let`s help Santa, let`s make for him a snow thunder!


5th competition «Snow Thunder»

Each team gets “snowballs”.

The task is to throw them into the other teams.

The winner is the crew, which gets fewer snowballs.



VII. The Clown:- How do you feel, Santa?

    Santa: - Much better, much better!

    The Clown: - But you are still sad…

- Children, let`s make Santa happy, let`s play a funny game!


6th competition «Crash the Bulb»

5 children are standing in the center of the room, 5 Christmas bulbs are on the floor in front of them.

Children are said that they have to turn around and their eyes are going to be covered with scarves, after what they must turn back and crash their bulbs within their legs never seeing them.

The bulbs are taken away just after they turn around.



VII. Santa:

- Haw, haw, haw!

   The Clown:

- Thanks a lot, children! You are the best helpers!

- But do you know other Santa`s helpers?

- Can you name them?


- Of course they are Snowman, Elf and Reindeer.

    The speaker:

- Let`s draw them!


7th competition «Draw a Christmas Character»

Each team is given a big paper turned 4 times and a permanent marker (blue, red or black).

The paper has a sign «Merry Christmas for Everyone!»

Children are shown 3 pictures of Santa, Snowman and Reindeer, divided in 3 parts.

At first every team draws the upper part of any picture they like and turn the paper once, to make it invisible for other teams.

Then the teams share the papers, draw the middle part of the picture, turn the papers and share them again.

When the pictures are ready, the captains open the papers.

The funniest one is the winner.


3d competition «Dress the Christmas Tree»



































































































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