Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по теме "Книги в нашей жизни"

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по типу КВН на тему "Книги в нашей жизни" для учащихся 5-6 классов.
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 « Книги в нашей жизни»

Ведущий: Good day. Let's start our game. It will be merry and serious at the same time. There will be interesting games, riddles and useful tasks.

I hope you'll spend your time with pleasure, interest and profit.

 Представление команд: We have two teams today the team from 7b form and the team from 7v form.

Представление жюри: And our judges today are from good students. They are ….


So it's time to introduce yourselves.

Your greetings.


O.K. but we don't know the theme of our game. Listen to the poem and try to determine. What is the theme of the game?

We have friends

They cannot walk and cannot see

But they are very good to you and me.

With these friends

We sail on ship and ride on trains,

And even fly in airplanes.

Have you understood what these friends are?

Yes we'll speak about books and their role in our life. Look at the blackboard, there is an epigraph on it. Deny Diderot once said «People will stop thinking when they stop reading».

1 конкурс: So reading is really very important in our life because ..    ..and now you will say why reading is so important for us. You should use all these word expressions.

(Ребята составляют предложения о пользе книг с использованием ключевых слов и словосочетаний) boring, a waste of time, extend horizons, discover new things, teach, friends which help to make decisions in difficult situations, free time, useful hobby, a source of information.

So I see you know that books are our friends and help us to discover the world around us.

2 конкурс: And our next task is called What? Where? and When?

Before the game starts I'll give you cards of two colours orange and green .I'll read some sentences to each team you have a moment to think over if the sentence is correct you will show an orange card if it is incorrect you should show a green one. Your captains should choose the right answer.

Questions for 7b form:

  •      William Shakespeare was an American writer.
  •      Admiral Nelson was killed at Trafalgar square.
  •      “Three men in a boat” was written by Daniel Defoe.
  •      Alexei Meresiev is a hero of The Great Patriotic War .


Questions for 7v form:

  •      General Karbyshev was a brave Russian engineer.
  •      Robert Вurns is famous English poet.
  •      Charles Dickens wrote "Alice in Wonderland".
  •      The home town of the"Beatles" group was Edinburgh.



3 Конкурс: OK. But having read some books sometimes we unfortunately forget the author. And now you are given some titles of the novels you should find the author. (Приложение 1)


4 Конкурс: The next task is called “ Can you read attentively?”( Приложение 3)

5 Конкурс: And at last your home task, your dramatizing. (Участники инсценируют отрывки из художественных произведений. Команды выбрали отрывки из «Приключения Тома Сойера».(Приложение 2)

Now lets sum up our game. (Жюри подводит итоги конкурсов).

But I think both teams were the winners. At the end of the game I want you to remember that a book is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It gives us a unique chance to link up with the authors who lived hundreds and thousand years ago, we can hear their voices, thoughts, feelings. Books can open the doors of discovery to the larger world for you. And I strongly believe that Reading books will not be replaced by computers.





Приложение 1




  1.     Treasure Island              a.Charles Dickens
  2.     Romeo and Juliet           b.Mark Twain
  3.     Oliver Twist                   c.W. Shakespeare

4    Robinson Crusoe          d. Harriet Beecher Stowe

  1.     Tom Sawyer                  e. R.L.Stevenson
  2.     Uncle Tom's Cabin       f. Daniel Defoe






  1.      The White Fang                 a. H.G. Wells
  2.      Hamlet                              b. Jonathan Swift

3.   The Invisible Man              c. Jack London

4.   The Jungle Book               d. Lewis Carroll

5.   Alice in Wonderland          e. Rudyard Kipling

6.   Gulliver's Travels              f.W. Shakespeare




Приложение 2



Author   The teacher had a book that he was studying; he kept it in his desk. Every boy and girl wandered about this book, but none had ever seen its pages.

(Becky entered the classroom and saw the book lying on the table. She looked around)

Becky    Oh nobody is here. Just to look it. (She opens the book and looks through its pages with interests. Suddenly Tom appeared near the door. Becky hurried to close  the book. Her hand caught the page and suddenly it was in two pieces. Becky began to cry.

Becky   You are bad, Tom Sawyer, to come and watch me! And now you will tell the teacher and he will beat (побьет) me and what shall I do! I have never been beaten at school. (She runs away)

 Tom     How silly girls are! What is a beating in school? That is nothing. And I will not tell who opened the book. The teacher will ask who did it. He will call each name. And when he says the right one, he won't need an answer. He will see the answer in her face. How to help her? 

Author   An hour passed. The boys and girls were all busy with their books. The teacher opened his book. Every eye turned away (отворачивался) from his. All the boys and girls were afraid (боялись) of him.

(Tom looked at Becky. He wanted to help her. But what could he do?)

The teacher   Who has spoiled my book?"

(There was not a sound.)

-Benjamin Rogers?


-Joe Harper?


-Amy Lawrence?


-Grade Miller?


-Becky Thatcher.

 ( Tom was shaking from head to foot. He saw her face white with fear.)

-Rebecca Thatcher, look at me! Did you do this to my book?

(Tom jumped to his feet and shouted)

Tom -"I did it!"

(All looked at him. They could not believe (поверить) it.

Tom stepped forward to take his beating. The surprise, the thankfulness, the love in Becky's eyes). ( Учитель берет Тома за ухо и выводит из класса)

Becky How could he be so noble!





The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. by M. Twain

Tom    No school. But I must work. My aunt told to whitewash this fence. It is so long and high ( He looked at the fence)How hard the life is!

(He put his brush into the bucket. He passed it along the top board. He did it once more. Then he sat down on a box ).

Tom  Oh, to be free — to play with the boys. They will come along soon. They will laugh when they see me working.

Tom  IDEA! (He took up his brush and continued his work. Just then Ben Rogers came running. He was eating an apple)

Ben    Hey! Tom! What are you doing?"

(Tom didn't answer. He looked at the whitewashed part of the fence with the eye of an artist).

Ben    Hello, Tom, "You're working, eh?"

(Tom turned round quickly.)

Tom  Why, it's you, Ben! I didn't see you,"

 Ben   Say, I'm going for a swim. But you have to work."

    Tom     Work? What do you call work?"

Ben    Why, isn't this work?"

Tom   Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. All I know is, Tom Sawyer likes it."

Ben     You say you like it, Tom?"

(The brush was moving all the time.)

  Tom  Like it? Why not? Does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day?

(Ben stopped eating his apple and looked with great interest at Tom.)

 Ben   It must be great fun. Say, Tom, let me whitewash a little.

Tom   Oh, no, Ben. Aunt Polly said to do it very carefully.

Ben    Oh, please, let me try. I’ll be very careful... Г11 give you my apple.

At last Tom gave him the brush. Ben started whitewashing and Tom sat down in the shade of a tree eating the apple.








Приложение 3






Everybody knows that cats love sleeping. They spend half of their lives asleep and enjoy every minute of it. Other animals have very different sleeping habits, however. For example any horses may not look like they are asleep, but they are! Horses only spend three hours asleep a day and they do it standing up! Fish sleep for about seven hours but they too have strange habits- they don’t close their eyes to sleep. So, what about people? Most of us sleep about a third of our lives. But the number of hours we sleep depends on the age. Newborn babies sleep a lot- about seventeen hours in every twenty four. Children need about eleven hours and grown-ups sleep for about eight hours every night. But you’re not just asleep- you’re not really doing anything. A lot happens during sleep. Dreams are one way that mind rests after a busy day.

  1. … sleep half of their lifetime.
  1. Horses
  1. Cats
  1. People
  1. The animals have … sleeping habits.
  1. the same
  1. Similar
  1. various
  1. When horses sleep they … .
  1. lie
  1. stand
  1. don’t stand
  1. … don’t have strange sleeping habits.
  1. Fish
  1. Horses
  1. Cats
  1. … sleep less than other animals in this story.
  1. Fish
  1. Horses
  1. Cats
  1. The length of our sleep … .
  1. Depends on how old we are
  1. Depends on our work
  1. Depends on our rest
  1. … need more sleep.
  1. Grown-ups
  1. children
  1. babies
  1. Babies asleep seventeen hours… .
  1. A day
  1. A week
  1. A night
  1. When you sleep you do nothing.
  1. It’s true
  1. I agree
  1. It’s wrong
  1.  Dreams help people to
  1. sleep well
  1. relax
  1. work better








boring, a waste of time, extend horizons, discover new things, teach, friends which help to make decisions in difficult situations, free time, useful hobby, a source of information.



boring, a waste of time, extend horizons, discover new things, teach, friends which help to make decisions in difficult situations, free time, useful hobby, a source of information.


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