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Разработка внеклассного мероприятия: "Церемония закрытия декады английского языка"

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку: "Церемония закрытия декады". В разработке представлены поздравления английской королевы и премьер министра с закрытием декады в костюмированной форме. Церемония награждения проходила в актовом зале
содержимого документа


- расширить, закрепить и систематизировать языковые знания и навыки и использовать их в разных формах общения



- научить студентов приобретать новые знания, поиску и дальнейшему использованию информации;


- развивать навыки диалогической и монологической речи обучающихся;

- развивать артистические и творческих способности обучающихся;

- развивать коммуникативные способности обучающихся.

- развивать креативное мышление обучающихся, навыки самостоятельной групповой работы;


- способствовать привитию интереса к английскому языку, традициям, культуре.

- стимулировать студентов грамотами, благодарственными письмами в благодарность за активное участие в декаде


Форма: праздничное награждение участников декады

















Ведущий 1. Good afternoon dear guests, participants, and our great teachers!

Ведущий 2. We are glad to see you here!

Ведущий1. Как ты думаешь нас все понимают?

Ведущий 2. Of course!!! Ведь в наше современном мире нельзя не понимать английский язык.

Ведущий 1. Давай тогда мы сегодня проведем наш праздник на английском.

So, Do you want to travel and not feel like a black sheep, and freely communicate with people of different nationalities? Want a prestigious job in foreign company with career? Or maybe you want to work abroad? Tip one-learn English. After all, over time you will understand that 75% of the world's correspondence is carried out in English, 80% of the information on computers is stored in this language, and most international documents, articles, literary works, instructions are written in English.

Ведущий 2. Speaking this language of international communication, you will be able to achieve your goals with the help of new opportunities. English is your passport to the world of knowledge

Ведущий 1.In General, everything is simple here: most of the content available on the Internet is written in English. Many websites are created in English and then translated into other languages, but some companies do not care about translation at all, because a huge number of people speak English. If you know English, you can use all information!

Ведущая 2: Lets see a short sketch of how not to take an exam.
(сценка про экзамен)

Ведущий 2. Well. Why we are here today?

Today, we have met here on awards ceremony to honor the winners of the English week.

10 days came quickly. But every day of the week was full of  interesting, creative, different  competitions, where our students took part in. And it had its own winners, opened new talented students.   Every day they showed their deep English knowledge.  

(слайды про Лондон)

Ведущий 1: Oh, we have many guests today! (выезжает автобус).  There are also special guests from London. We invited the queen of Great Britain and prime minister.

Ведущая 2: They arrived to award our students.

(звуки коней) Ohhh, I hear their horses. They are coming. Applause please. Now we are opening English ball.

 (глашатай объявляет, играют трубы и барабаны)

Глашатый: Ladies and gentlemen, Her Royal Highness, Queen of the United Kingdom Alexandra Mary Elizabeth ll and the Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson!

(Елизавета с премьер-министром Великобритании на карете с двух сторон гвардейцы)

Ведущий 1: Your majesty, you’re welcome. How did you get?

Elizabeth II: Fine, fine, thank you. What was it, what did you shower? Sweets?

Ведущая 2: Yes, sweets, Kazakh people have a tradition “Shashu” to shower guests with sweets and money, which is carried out at weddings, and during other important events.

We would you like to tell something to participants, your best wishes.

(слайды Лондон)

Elizabeth II. Good afternoon, my dears. We flew here by Kazakh national carrier Air Astana, flight was perfect. As I was told that, you are future aviation specialists. And I am very proud of your good attitude to the educational and creative process. I wish you to remain leaders in the field where you do everything, without getting tired to learn new things, overcoming difficulties and problems, defeating worthy, the strongest rivals.

Prime minister: Good afternoon. My name is Boris Johnson, I am the prime minister of Great Britain. I sincerely wish you all health, prosperity and new achievements for the benefit of your families and country! Study hard, appreciate your teachers and Aviation college!

Ведущий 1: thank you for coming, your Royal majesty, we have prepared some performance for you. Let’s start it.

Elizabeth II: Yes, I allow to start the ball! (уходят)

 Ведущий 2: Once upon a time there was a girl, and she, too, was going to our ball. let's see a short play from the fairy tale. and you must guess from what fairy tale a beautiful young lady is. (отрывок из Золушки) (2 минуты)

Ведущий2: So, what is the name of that girl? Of course, it’s Cinderella. It’s not a secret that English is very punctional. Let’s move to one of English banks. (Bank robbery) (слайды про банк)


Characters: Cashier, Customer, Bank Robber

(A customer comes into the bank)

Ca:  Good afternoon, sir. Can I help you?

Cu:  Yes. I’d like to cash a cheque for five pounds, please.

Ca: Certainly. Here you are, sir.

Cu:  Thank you very much.

Ca:  Oh! It’s five-thirty. It’s time to close the bank.

(Входит грабитель и несёт ружьё)

Robber:  This is a hold-up! Everyone stands against the wall!

Cu:  Uh! It’s a hold-up?

R:  That’s right. It’s a hold-up.

Ca:  Excuse me, sir.

R:  I say this is a hold-up. Hurry up! Hang over the money!

Ca:  I’m terribly sorry, sir. I’m afraid the bank is closed.

R:  But I’m a dangerous criminal! This is a gun!

Cu:  If you don’t give him the money, he will kill us!

R:  That’s right. I say I’ll shoot you! I’m a very violent person.

Ca:  No,NO, I’m a cashier of the bank of London. I’m not allowed to serve customers after five-thirty.

R:  But I’m not a customer. I’m a bank robber. Anyway it’s only twenty-five past five. I have 5 minutes.

Ca:  No, no. My watch is always right. It’s five thirty eight.

R to Cu:  Do you  have the right time?

Cu:  Well, I … have … it’s already five thirty eight.

Ca:  You see. I’m afraid the bank is closed. If you came back before 5.30, I’d be glad to serve you.

R:  Oh, all right. I’ll come back tomorrow at a quarter past five.

Ca:  Fine. See you tomorrow. Good bye, sir!


Ведущий 1: (песня) Now, we ask ladies  Bota and Alina to sing for us.

Ведущий 1: Thank you. Right now we move to second part of our ball, rewarding. I invite Queen Elizabeth 2 and Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson: Thank you for inviting to this beautiful city Almaty. I have never been here before, and I’m happy to see all of you here, on this ceremony. My advice is also: Study and Enjoy English and you will open new  chances in your life. Ulken Rahmet.

Elizabeth II. I’m very thankful for students and managers of this event. I signed an order awarding diplomas for active participation of students in the decade of the English language. Your English teacher Maria Imangazievna will acquaint you with the list. Maria Imangazievna, welcome on the stage. (речь и зачитывает фамилии: 1.Awarded to ____________for outstanding love for speaking English! 2. Awarded to____________ for showing off sensational reading skills! Congratulations! 3. Awarded _______for achieving sensational success as an  English learners! 


Elizabeth II. My congratulations! Thank you for invitation. Next time I hope we will meet in my residence Buckingham palace. See you!

Ведущий 1: Your majesty, we have beautiful flowers for you, and shapan for prime-minister its’ also tradition for a dear visitor to give a horse and wear a shapan on his shoulders as a sign of great honor.

(садятся в карету и уезжают и машет)

Ведущий2: So, todays English ceremony is over!

Ведущий 1: Thank you for coming, goodbye!!!

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