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Разработка урока "Present Perfect Tense"

Разработка открытого урока в 8 классе по теме "Past Perfect Tense"
содержимого документа

Unit 3. Entertainment and Media 

School: specialized boarding school-college of the Olympic reserve for talented children in sport


Date 13-15/11/2019

Teacher name: A. Orazbaeva

Grade: 8

Number present:


Theme of the lesson:

Past Perfect Tense


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to:  give an opinion at discourse level on a wide range of general and curricular topics link comments with some flexibility to what others say at sentence and discourse level in pair, group and whole class exchanges

Lesson objectives

Students will be able to:

  • identify main points in a talk
  • recognize most of the specific information from the recording
  • express opinion

Assessment criteria:

Learners have met the learning objective if they explain the purpose of the conversation.

Learners have met the learning objective if they complete most of the gaps with correct missing words.

Learners have met the learning objective if they construct a dialogue and use discourse markers in their conversation.

Value links

Value links are instilled by respecting each other and paying attention to what others are saying, keeping time management.

Cross curricular links


ICT skills

Presentation is shown on the PPT


Planned timings

Planned activities



1 min

The teacher greets students; students respond to greeting and take their places. Hello, boys and girls! How are you?


Making a collaborative atmosphere

3 min

Icebreaker " Greeting of different peoples of the world»

Form two circles external and internal. The outer one moves clockwise. The inner one doesn't move. Moving, students greet each other in Japanese (hands to chest, bow), in French (hugging each other), in English (lifting his hat), in German(strong handshake), as the African tribe of Tuareg (jumping at a meeting), Papuans (raising an eyebrow).

The game is good for the initial stage of the lesson, helps students to relax, uplifting.


Dividing into groups

2 min

Teacher gives students the opportunity to disassemble the pre-cut cards with the names of the two teams "Past Perfect" and " Past Simple". After selecting the cards students are divided into two teams. Teacher appoints the group leader and instructs him to assess the team members.

Assessment sheet

Checking hometask

5 min

The teacher in the previous lesson gave students a multi-level homework. High level-to conduct an interview with the use of Present Perfect Progressive on the topic of "A film star", medium level-to compose a dialogue with the use of  Present Perfect Progressive on the topic "A film star",  low level-Ex. 2 page 24 (workbook). The teacher asks the team captain to evaluate the work and give an assessment of the work performed to point out the disadvantages and advantages.

Assessment sheet


Creating an associative series

4 min

With the help of slides 1-11, the teacher creates an associative series with yesterday's routine only in the opposite direction, the task of students is to figure out today's lesson topic including their associations. the teacher supports them. Today’s lesson is going to be about Past Perfect Tense and writes it on the board. The teacher using the strategy of the target asks students to stick stickers according to their level of knowledge on the topic at the beginning of the lesson.

PPT 1-11


PPT 12



Lesson plan

20 min

  1. Explanation of the theme (6 min)

Teacher gives a handout with the explanation of the new grammar topics, which provides clarification on the topic, methods of education etc. The teacher at the end gives its own explanation on the subject.

  1. Making a poster (6 min)

The teacher asks students to draw on the poster information about the passed topic, in which cases this time is used, how it is formed, examples, etc. When answering, he asks that all participants be involved. Teams Express opinions about the opposing team's posters. The group captain evaluates the participation of each participant. The teacher marks the time 4 minutes.

  1. Performing multi-level tasks (2 min)

The teacher puts multi-level tasks in 3 boxes of different colors according to their level of difficulty. Green-low, yellow-medium, green-high. applying the technology of the traffic light. The time to complete this task is 2 minutes. After the time is up, they check each other's work and evaluate it. The teacher only checks the work of high-level students.

A level:

Insert the verbs in the Past Perfect tense. (Вставьте глаголы в Past Perfect.)

  1. I ... (to have) breakfast before I went to school.
  2. He went to meet his friends after he ... (to do) his homework.
  3. By 8 o’clock the rain ... (to stop).
  4. Alice was late because she ... (to miss) the bus.
  5. She went to the post-office after she ... (to write) the letter.
  6. He ... (to work) at the factory before he entered the college.
  7. He got a bad mark for his test because he ... (to make) a lot of mistakes in it.
  8. I went to bed after I ... (to finish) reading the book.
  9. The child ... (to fall) asleep before the parents came home.
  10. They ... (to marry) before they bought this house.


B level:

Connect each pair of sentences with the conjunctions before, as soon as, after. (Объедините два предложения в одно, используя before, as soon as, after.)

  1. He had finished school. He went to a camp.
  2. She had phoned her friend. She went to meet her.
  3. I read the book. I had seen the film.
  4. I had cleaned my room. I invited my friends home.
  5. He entered the university. He had finished school.
  6. Не told me about his impressions. He had returned from his journey.
  7. He was unhappy. He had got bad news.
  8. I had finished the text. I handed in my exercise-book.

C level:

Complete the sentences using Past Perfect. (Дополните предложения, используя Past Perfect ).                  

I watched a new film after…

I went for a walk after...

I fell asleep after...

I began to read a book after...

I helped my mother about the house after...

  1. Playing kahoot (6 min)

The teacher invites students to play kahoot on this topic.


Handout 1






Assessment sheet





3 boxes

Assessment sheet




















































Giving a hometask (A free hometask technology)

(1 min)


High level-write an essay "My favorite movie" using Past Perfect Tense.

Middle level-compose questions in Past Perfect Tense for the whole class.

Low level-exercise 2 page 35

PPT 13

Reflection (4 min)

Target strategy. The teacher, reflection offers students to re-stick the stickers while the question is at what level they are now.



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