Проверочная работа по теме "Условные предложения" для 8 класса

Дидактический материал по теме "Условные предложения" для 8 класса к учебнику О.В Афанасьевой
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Conditionals. A Multiple Choice Test

1) If she … come soon, she will be late for the lesson.                     a) doesn’t      b) don’t     c) wouldn’t

2) If we don’t …. , we’ll miss the train.                                                a) would hurry    b)  will hurry    c) hurry

3) If you don’t buy a lottery ticket, you … win any money.             a) won’t      b) will     c) wouldn’t

4) If we don’t leave now, we …. be late                                              a) won’t    b) wouldn’t    c) will

5) If I … 1 million, I   would travel around the world.                        a) win      b) won    c) would win

6) If everybody …. solar power, we would save a lot of energy.     a) used     b) uses    c) use

7) I would be very unhappy if I … my English exam.                          a) would fail     b) fail    c) failed  

8) If I …. a ghost, I would be very frightened.                                     a)  had seen    b) saw     c) would saw

9) I …. worried if I lost my job.                                                               a) wouldn’t be  b) wouldn’t have been  c) won’t be

10) If we …. protect them, some animals won’t survive.                    a) didn’t   b) wouldn’t    c) don’t

11) If we … use so much oil, we would reduce pollution.                   a) don’t      b) doesn’t    c) won’t

12) What … you do if you won?                                                               a) will         b) would       c) would have

13) If you … off all electricity, you would save energy.                       a) turn        b) had turned    c) turned

14) If we use more solar and wind power, we … slow down             a) would     b) will      c) would have

global warming. 

15) What will you … if the weather is good this weekend?               a)   did              b)   do         c)  have do

16) How …. you feel if you failed your exam?                                      a) would     b) will      c) would have

17) Where would you …. If you didn’t live here?                                 a) lived        b) had lived      c) live

18) What will you do if your friends …. late?                                        a) would be      b) are     c) will

19) I …. you if you had asked me.                                                          a) would helped   b) would have helped   c) will help

20) If people ….. the dodo, it wouldn’t have become extinct.          a) protected b) would protected c) had protected

21) If we …. so much fossil fuel, we wouldn’t have done                  a) haven’t used  b) hadn’t used   c) wouldn’t use

so much damage to the environment.

22) If she had studied more, she … her exam.                                     a) would have passed  b) would passed   c) will pass

23) If the train is late, we ….  .                                                                a) would walk  b) will walk    c) would have walked

24) If I had gone to university, I …. a better job.                                 a) would had got  b) would get   c) would have got

25) If you …. Oxford, you’ll see some interesting buildings.              a) visit     b) would visited   c) visits

26) If we had more time, I … you more about it.                                a) tell              b) will tell            c) would tell      

27) If we had got to the cinema earlier, we … the start                    a) wouldn’t have missed b) wouldn’t missed c) miss

of the film.

28) If it …. too much, I’ll buy a smaller one.                                        a) would cost          b) costs          c)  cost




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