"Проверочная работа по лексике ( учебник Кузовлева В.П., 9 класс, 2 юнит)"

Данная работа направлена на контроль лексических навыков (учебник Кузовлева В.П, 9 класс, юнит 2)
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Use of Vocabulary ( Kuzovlev V.P., Form 9, Unit 2)



What do the young people think about modern music? Fill in the gaps with the missing words:


*aggressive     * idols      *recorded       * albums       *instruments      * recordings       * worth        * entertain       *lyrics         *released        *unique          * synthesizers            *tour          *enter the best dance music chart        *made his way to the stage



-I think many young people listen to the awful noise they call music. There are musicians who can’t even play their musical 0 instruments. Though their music is 1______, they are 2______ for some young people. Such music doesn’t 3_____ but destroys. I don’t like it!

-I like listening to classics in pop and rock. Take Sting, for example. He is like a dinosaur in the music industry: he 4_____ in the 70s and his music is still 5______ listening to. He 6_____ and 7_____12 albums where most 8_____ and tunes are wonderful. He is a 9_____ musician.

-I’d say that today’s dance music is really good. Every month 20 groups and singers 10_____ and each of them is great! I can’t help dancing to their music!

-I’m sorry that the music on CDs is different from the music at the concerts. Their 11_____ sound different because at the concerts they don’t have the high-tech computers and 12_____they have in the studios. I like singers whose music is real.

-I don’t like that today most successful musicians don’t 13______ the world very often and prefer to sell their14______. I’d like to go to concerts to see and listen to them.

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