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Примерные контрольно-измерительные материалы

Примерные контрольно-измерительные материалы Класс:8 Spotlight 8
содержимого документа


                                   Примерные контрольно-измерительные материалы

Modular test 1A




A    Fill in the missing word/ phrase. There are two answers you do not need to use.

Showed up, acquaintances, niece, slim, got over, stubborn, colleagues, shrugged, tapping, reliable

1. Pam is so _____________ !  She never listens to anyone, and does whatever she wants.

2. I don’t think Ann is going camping this weekend; she still hasn’t ______________ her cold.

3. I only met Ted three weeks ago at a party. We’re not really friends, we’re just ______________.

4. Don’t worry, Mike will be here on time; he’s very ______________.

5. When we complained to the waiter about the noisy people at the next table, he just __________

     his shoulders and said he couldn’t do anything about them.

6. Ben was _____________ his foot nervously while he was waiting for his test results.

7. When Alan told his _____________ that he was leaving the company, they decided to buy him a

    going- away present.

8. Kate is a pretty girl with green eyes and a(n) ______________ build.


B      Fill in the missing word. There are three answers you do not need to use.

Hug, opportunity, fond, energetic, dull, keen, host, avoid, bright, blush

9.  The film I went to see last week was so _________ that I almost fell asleep at the cinema.

10.  When I told Tom the good news, he gave me a big __________ and a kiss on the cheek.

11.  We always enjoy ourselves when we go to Mel’s parties; he’s an excellent _____________.

12.  Cindy is very _____________. She works very hard and likes participating in a lot of activities.

13.  Greg is a very cheerful person who always looks on the ___________ side of life.

14.  I’m not very __________ on basketball. I prefer football.

15. ________ asking  British people about their age, religion, politics, weight or how much they earn.



C      Underline the correct item.

16.  Do you know where Mark is? I have waited / have been waiting for him for over an hour and I’m starting to lose my patience.

17.   Watch where you’re going! You are falling / are going to fall into that hole.

18.  Lyn is always interrupting/has always interrupted me whenever I tell a story. It’s so annoying!

19.  There’s someone at the door. I go/will go and see who it is.

20.  The film is starting/ starts at 8:00. Do you want to go to dinner before that?



21.  My friends stay/ are staying in a nice hotel in the centre of the town.

22.  Ben works/ has worked at his uncle’s restaurant every Saturday night.

23.  I promise I am helping /will help you with your homework as soon as I can.

24.  Have you met/ Have you been meeting our new neighbours yet? They seem really nice.

25.  We are going / will go to the cinema tomorrow night. Why don’t you join us?


D     Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or the Past Continuous.

26.  My mother _____________ (rarely/leave) us home alone when we were young.

27.  What time ______________ (you/take) the dog for a walk this morning?

28.  Nadia _______________ (water) the flowers while Nick was cleaning out the garage.

29.  We _____________  ( not/ meet) Sandra and Ian for coffee yesterday , because we were too busy.

30.  Mary didn’t hear the phone ring because she _____________ ( listen) to music very loudly.


E     Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form.

31.  My younger brother is ____________________ (sociable) person in our family.

32. Don’t you think that Adam needs to be a bit _____________ (sensitive) to other people’s feelings?

33.  Mrs. Brown is _______________________ (patient) teacher I have ever had.

34.  Ben was very rude to Jane. I think that ________________ (little) he could do is apologise to her.

35.  According to an English saying, the __________________ (old) we grow, the wiser we become.


Everyday English


F     Choose the correct response.

36.  Can I offer you something?   ________                              A So am I.

37.  Excuse me!                            ________                              B Take care.    

38.  Talk to you later.                   ________                              C Yes, can I help you?

39.  I’m glad you came.               ________                               D Fine, thanks.

40.  How’s it going?                     ________                              E No thanks, I’m fine.


G    Read the text and mark the statements as true (T) or false (F).


Too cool for school

   You’ve always wanted to be popular in school. You’ve dreamt a thousand times what it would be like to be the star of your school’s football team or that tall blonde girl who everyone fancies.

 ‘Cool’ people are attractive, confident and always wear stylish outfits. Everyone wants to hang out with them. But often “cool” people aren’t very nice! They can be selfish and bossy. At times they get impatient with people who might be shy or a bit quiet.

   If you really want to make some true friends, here are some tips. Don’t choose friends based on looks. What really matters in a friend is not being slim and beautiful but reliable and generous. Choose friends who are humorous, talkative and who never treat others badly. In fact, these are the people who are truly cool! Try to choose friends that you can actually benefit from. Those who are creative and have interests other than fashion and parties.

   Be flexible but don’t say or do things that make you feel uncomfortable just to make ‘cool’ people like you. Always speak your mind. Those who really care for you will still be your friends- even if at times you drive them crazy. Remember: real friends are those you can open up to. Those who will hold their tongue and will never give away your secrets.

   Take a minute and think. What really matters? Making friends that count or counting friends?

41. Popular kids in school are often selfish and bossy. _______

42. It is better to hold your tongue and never speak your mind or you will end up all alone.______

43.  You will benefit more from having one friend who is creative and interesting than having ten who are boring. _

44. A true friend will care for you even if at times you get on their nerves.________

45. “Cool” people are usually ugly._______


H        Listen to some teenagers talking on a radio programme about their friends. Then, match the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-F). There is one extra statement.

A  The speaker thinks of his/her friend as part of the family.

B  The speaker moved close to his/her friend’s house.

C  The speaker thinks he/she is lucky to have such good friends.

                     D  The speaker sees his/her friends every day.

                     E  The speaker and his/her friends share the same pastime.

F  The speaker spends all his/her free time with his/her friend.

46.  Speaker 1 ____

47.  Speaker 2  ____

48. Speaker 3 ____

49. Speaker 4____

50. Speaker 5 ____

Modular test 1A



A     Underline the correct item.

1. “I can’t believe that we spent so much money at the supermarket!” -  “Well, prices have gone with/ up again.”

2. Milk and other dairy products are very appealing/ nourishing for young children, as they help them grow

    strong and healthy.

3. She bought a beautiful handbag that goes with /off all her clothes.

4. The loud street bargains/ vendors create a colourful atmosphere.

5. It’s fun looking through the things at the open-air stalls/ malls.

6. Be careful not to spill the beans /spill the salt and tell Tom about a surprise party.

7. Can you pour/ peel the potatoes, please?

8. “I like scrambled eggs. How about you?” –“I prefer them poached/ mashed.”

9. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to set the table for a formal dinner; it’s a cup of tea /piece of cake.

10. Sharon is on a very tight budget/ bargain right now, so she doesn’t want to spend money on anything she doesn’t really need.


B     Fill in the missing word. There are three answers you do not need to use.

 Pride, packed, pinch, fussy, demand, side, basically, stock

11. If you add a ______________ of salt, it will taste better.

12. It’s very popular so it is in great ___________ at the moment.

13. Traditional Spanish tortilla, which is _______ a thick potato omelette, is very popular in Spain.

14. A lot of young children don’t like many types of food. They are __________ eaters.

15. Mothers take great __________ in creating ‘school-bentos’ for their children.



C     Put the words in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous.

16. He __________ (work) very hard recently. He needs some time off.

17. ___________ (you /ever/ eat) Chinese food?

18. Liz __________ (go) to the flea market. She’ll be back in an hour.

19. __________ (you/clean) all morning?

20. We ____________ (not/buy) all our Christmas presents yet.




D      Underline the correct item.

21. This dish is delicious and doesn’t take much/many time to prepare.

22. What is Jane doing? She has been to/been in the dressing room for an hour.

23. There were very little/few people at the restaurant, so it was easy for us to find a table.

24. Lyn’s family moved to Spain from    - / the UK when she was still a baby.

25. Your doctor can give you some good advice/ advices on how to follow a more balances diet.

26. Dad will back in half an hour. He’s gone to/been to the newsagent’s to pick up today’s paper.

27. Ann can’t make it to dinner tonight, but the good news is/ are that she’ll be able to spend the whole weekend    with us.

28. Her grandmother has a gold Russian/ Russian gold pair of earrings.

29. Can I pay by/in cheque, please?

30. “Do you want to have lunch with me?” –“Sure. I have a little/a few free time before my next class.”

Everyday English

E        Use the sentences (a-e) to complete the dialogue.

Lisa: This antique table is really beautiful. 31) ___                     a) It was a bargain.

Maria: Yes, I bought it 2 days ago. 32) _________                     b) Is it new?

Lisa: It really suits your living room.

 Where did you buy it?                                                                   c)  I’m glad you like it.  

Maria: 33) ________                                                                    d) It’s just around the corner from the florist’s.

Lisa: I’ve never been there. Whereabouts is it?                            e) At Pete’s Antique Shop in the town centre.

Maria: 34) ________

Lisa: Was it expensive?

Maria: Not at all. 35) _____. I got it for half the original price.

Lisa: Fantastic! Maybe I’ll go and have a look on Saturday.

Maria: We can go together if you like. 

Lisa: Great! See you there.


F         Read the email and choose A, B or C to complete the gaps.




Test 2 A (Module 2)

e.g.  A and                                         B but                                                C so

36 A have come                                B come                                             C are coming

37 A few                                           B little                                              C many

38 A the                                            B   -                                                   C a

39 A budgets                                     B prices                                            C bargains

40 A shoppers                                   B malls                                             C stalls

41 A good                                         B benefit                                           C charity

42 A sale                                           B shop                                              С bazaar

43 A many                                        B lots                                                 C lot

44 A by                                             B with                                                C in

45 A butcher’s                                  B optician’s                                       C chemist’s


H        Listen to some people talking about shopping. Number the statements A-F in the order you hear them. There is one extra statement that you do not need to use.

A  I bought a second-hand appliance which is in really good condition.                      46. Speaker 1 ____

B  It takes me some time to find a good bargain.                                                          47. Speaker 2 ____

C  I had an argument with the person at the shop.                                                        48. Speaker 3 ____

D  I couldn’t exchange what I bought.                                                                          49. Speaker 4 ____   

E  I always buy more than what I plan to here.                                                             50. Speaker 5 ____

F  I prefer the shops near my house.                                                                            



Test 3 A (Module 3)


A       Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.

e.g.   invented   discovered  a) Mike invented the device, but it was his brother who put it on the market.

                                               b) Columbus discovered America in 1492.

1   Geography    Earth Science

  a) Tom finds___ fascinating, because he learns a lot of things about the formation and history of our planet.

b) Mary wants to travel to all those countries she studied in her __________ class.

  2   raise     lift

a) You don’t have to _______ your voice. I can hear you very well.

b) This sofa is really heavy. Help me __________ it.

3   salary    wage

a) He earns a lot. He has a high __________.

b) The company has announced an increase in the workers’ hourly________.

4 employers   employees

a) The company’s business is growing, so it needs to hire more __________.

b) Ann is very happy because her _________ gave her a pay rise.

B      Fill in the missing word. There are three answers you do not need to use.

     Freelancer, permission, shift, living, bring up, conclusion, invented, deadline, swapped, sound, bring out, overtime

5. The police came to the _________ that it wasn’t the accountant who had stolen the money.

6. I _________ addresses with the two girls I met on holiday.

7. Does your dad often work _________?

8. Susan asked for _______ to leave early.

9.  Charles Babbage _________ the computer.

10. It is amazing how Ann has been able to _____ four children and work at the same time. I really admire her.

11.  He works as a ___________ from home.

12. Alex has a tough _______ to meet, so he’s been working during the weekend.

13. What does your mum do for a ________?


C       Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Perfect or the Past Perfect Continuous.

14. “Lisa was exhausted yesterday.” – “I know.  She ______(study) for a history exam all day.”

15. “Why was Mr. Smith angry with Pam?” – “Because she _______ ( not/ finish) her work.

16. How long _______ (you/study) French before you first visited France?


Test 3 A (Module 3)

17. They _______ ( live) in Spain before they moved to Greece.

18._______ ( she/ finish) making the lunch when the guests arrived?

D       Put the verbs in brackets into the Past simple, Past Perfect or the Past Perfect Continuous.

19. Kate _______ (go) out with her friends after she had finished her homework.

20.  Dr Stephens _______ (perform) a lot of experiments before he made an important discovery.

21. How long ______ (you/wait) before the bus arrived?

22. When ________ (James/ graduate) from the university?

23. Sam _____ (not/ win) the Young Inventor of the Year Award last year, but he’s sure he will this year.

E     Underline the correct item.

24. I believe Sam will have a brilliant career in/ at law.

25. Her husband’s new job brings around/in an extra 200 pounds a week.

26. Mary was under/in charge of presenting our science project to the class yesterday.

27. This song brings out/back happy memories from my childhood.

28. I don’t think Evelyn can work well under/ in pressure; maybe someone else should do this project.

29. In/At the beginning of his career, Thomas Edison mostly invented telegraphic devices.

30. Abraham Lincoln began his political career at/in the young age of twenty-three.

31. The new government has brought round/ about many changes in education.

32. Ben couldn’t believe it while/when he won first prize at the science show.

Everyday English

F  Use the sentences (a-e) to complete the dialogue.

Pat: Guess what! I’ve got some great news.                                a) How does he like his new job?

Sue: 33) _______________________.                                         b) That’s too bad.

Pat:  My brother got a new job last week.                                    c)  Really? What happened?

Sue: 34) ________________________.                                       d) What does his new job involve?

Pat: Yes, he works for a company as a computer programmer.    e) Wow! That’s fantastic!

Sue: 35) _______________________.

Pat: Well, he creates software for the company.

Sue: 36) _______________________.

Pat: He loves it, but the pay isn’t really that good.

Sue: 37)_____________. Is he disappointed? 

Pat: No, he’s very optimistic that he’ll get a pay rise in the near future.   

Sue: That’s great.


Test 3 A (Module 3)


G      Read the following text and choose the correct answer (A, B, С or D).

38. When Al was young, he wanted to be a(n)

A shop owner                            B inventor                     C computer designer                       D pilot

39. Al’s mother believed that

A it wasn’t important for Al to get a good education.                        C Al would make a very good lawyer.

B Al might not earn enough money from the job he wanted to do.    D a good education would help Al with his                    


40. While Al was at university, he

A got a job as an architect.                                                       C trained to be a professional actor.

B worked at the university library.                                           D continued to build model airplanes.


41. What did Al soon after graduation?

A  He lived in France for a while.                                            C He opened up his own business.

B He did some travelling.                                                         D He learned how to speak French.


42. Al wants to open

A another shop        B shops in different countries         C five shops in his town             D shops in different cities

Test 3 A (Module 3)


H         Listen to some people talking about their jobs on a radio programme. Then, match the speakers (1-5) to the statements ( A-F). There is one extra statement.

A  The speaker finds it difficult to meet deadlines.

B  The speaker turned his/her hobby into a career.

C  The speaker is thinking about doing a different job.

D  The speaker‘s job involves a lot of travelling.

E  The speaker wants to become famous.

F  The speaker has a part time job.

43.  Speaker 1 ____

44.  Speaker 2  ____

45. Speaker 3 ____

46. Speaker 4____

47. Speaker 5 ____


Test 4 A (Module 4)


A        Circle the odd word out.

1. plain / striped / sporty / checked                                 3. slim /thin / thick / overweight

2. velvet / linen / scruffy/ nylon                                      4. elegant / casual /polka-dot/ smart

B        Fill in the missing word. There are three answers you do not need to use.

Bushy, crooked, fit, overweight, suits, try, protruding, frizzy, slim

5.  She’s got a very ________ figure.

6. Ben made a nasty remark about Kate’s ___ eyebrows.

7. Would you like to _______ on that dress?   

8. Liz is __________. She must go on a diet.

9. Ted doesn’t like his ________ nose.

10. I’m not happy with my ________ hair! I wish it was straight.                                  

C        Underline the correct item.

11. Jenny is sitting an exam this morning, so keep your arms/fingers crossed.

12. The fashion show has been put off/ out until next Friday.

13. The first terrifying fifteen minutes of the film made my hair/head stand on end.

14. This ring isn’t made of real gold; it’s priceless/ worthless.

15. Tim’s shirt fits/ goes really well with his trousers.

16. Mark has grown/ increased much taller, and his clothes don’t fit him anymore.

17. It’s a formal party. You really should put out/on a tie.

18. Alex has lost/ missed a lot of weight since he started exercising.


D       Fill in the gaps. Use too or enough.

19. Kate believes that she isn’t pretty _________ to be a fashion model.

20. Betsy should put on a little weight; she’s ________ skinny.

21. “What do you think of this shirt?” – “It doesn’t fit you. The sleeves are _______ long.”

22. “Why didn’t you buy those shoes?” – “They weren’t comfortable _______.”

23. There are many teens who are _______ troubled about their body image.

E        Rewrite the following sentences into the passive.

24. John Napier designed the costumes for Cats.                    27. They have translated the book into 25 languages.

25. You cannot take pets into the theatre.                                28. The chef is preparing the food.

26. The company will publish the new Harry Potter book next month.

Test 4 A (Module 4)

Everyday English

F         Complete the exchanges using the phrases below. There is one extra phrase.

29. A: Why don’t you wear your nice cotton trousers?    B: __.     A  They’ re a bit too big.

30. A: How do I look in this blue dress?                           B: __.     B  Excellent! It really suits you! 

31. A: I suggest you wear your purple suit to the party.   B: __.     C  Yes. You need a smaller size.   

32.  A: What do you think of these jeans?                        B: __.     D I can’t. They don’t fit me anymore.   

33. A: Do you think this shirt is too big?                          B: __.     E I haven’t worth that for ages, but, why not?

                                                                                                         F  No. Why don’t you wear something less  

                                                                                                            formal instead?


G         Match the headings (A to F) to the paragraphs (34-38). There is one extra heading.


B WE ARE WHAT WE WEAR                                                E THE INFLUENCE OF THE MEDIA

C PRIZED CREATIONS                                                           F ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CLOTHES






Test 4 A (Module 4)




39. Checked shirts are not fashionable.                                  

A True             B False       C Not Stated 

40. John thinks that dark colours suit him.

    A True         B False       C Not Stated    

41. John wants a new jacket because his old one doesn’t fit him anymore.   

    A True         B False       C Not Stated

42. Maria thinks that John’s jeans are far too casual for the occasion.

    A True          B False       C Not Stated

43. John has got good taste in clothes.

    A True          B False       C Not Stated



Test 5 A (Module 5)


A      Circle the correct answer.

1. Is there anyone in the garden or is it just the wind … through the trees?

A whistling                B drizzling                  C pouring

2. I’m tired of breathing car exhaust … every time I walk around the city.

A  fog                        B smoke                      C fumes

3. Call… and pick up your CD sometime.                         5. Thousands … their lives each year in natural disasters.     

A in                          B out                             C on                  A waste                    B lose                           C miss

4. The rain isn’t that bad; it’s only … .                              6. The concert was called … due to the storm.

A drizzling          B roaring                       C howling             A on                         B out                               C off


  B      Fill in the missing word. There are three words you do not need to use.

 Huge, howled, avalanche, occur, endangered, pull, distributed, scorching, buried, extinct, injured

7.  The skies were …. under the snow.                          11. The wind … all night so I couldn’t sleep.

8. The …people were immediately taken to hospital.   12. The lifeguard managed to …the child out of the water.

9. Be careful not to stay too long under the… sun.       13. Food and clothes have been …. among the homeless.

10.  The panda   is a(n) … species.                                14. All flights have been cancelled because of the …                                                                                          



C       Choose the correct item.

15. Mark has decided to join/joining an environmental organisation.

16. People should use/ to use eco-friendly cleaning products, which are safer for the environment.

17. Neighbouring countries promised sending/to send supplies and rescue workers to the areas that were hit by the hurricane.

18. Judy didn’t let her children to go/go underwater diving.

19. Dan avoids buying/ to buy anything that cannot be recycled later.

20. I’ll never forget taking/to take part in a rescue mission for the first time.

21. Peter was looking forward to starting/ to start his new job at the animal shelter.

22. Tina was proud to join/joining in the antiwar protest.

23. They are tired of live/ living in the dirty, noisy city, so they’ve decided to move to the countryside.

24. Sarah stopped to work/working on this project a month ago.



Test 5 A (Module 5)

D        Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

25. These black bears are getting used to … on the wildlife reserve. (live)

26. When we were young, the river near town used to … so much cleaner. (be)

27. Frank had to get used to … on the left. (drive)

28. Rick used to … regular bulbs, but now he only buys energy-conserving ones. (buy)


E       Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in bold.

29. A large part of the country’s budget is spent on … .                           DEFEND

30. This year’s World Kindness Concert will be full of terrific … .         PERFORM

31. There is a … once a week for recyclable items.                                  COLLECT  

 32. The protestors made a big … outside the town hall.                           DISTURB


Everyday English

F      Choose the correct response.

33.  A: I believe we should all do our part to help fight world hunger.         B:  a) It’s terrible.   b) True.

34. A: We should have a first aid kit in the car in case of emergency.          B:  a) I agree.   b) It’s shocking.

35. A: Did you know that there are already 700 extinct species of mammals?       B: a) Really? I didn’t know that.  b) I agree.

36.  A: Don’t throw that bottle out, you should recycle it.                             B: a) Goodness me. 

                                                                                                                            b) You’re right.


G    Read the following text and mark the statements T (true) or F (false).

Test 5 A (Module 5)

37. Heating and air conditioning influence the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air.       ____

38. Home appliances don’t need much energy to run.                                                                       ____

39. When travelling, the only way to save energy is to use public transport.                                    ____

40. You do not need to change your daily routine to save energy.                                                    ____

41. Everyone can participate in conserving energy and saving the planet.                                        ____  


H        Listen to some people talking about environmental issues. Then, match the speakers (1-5) to   the  statements (A-E). There is one extra statement.

A  The speaker does not think that the Earth will recover from the damage it has suffered.               

B  The speaker didn’t like the idea of car-pooling at first.                                                                    

C  The speaker realised he/she had to do his part for the environment after watching a TV show.    

D  The speaker wants to join an environmental organisation.

E  The speaker wants to do something for the environment but it is not easy for him/her. 

F The speaker found a solution to his/her problem after talking to others.                                         


42 Speaker 1 ____

43 Speaker 2 ____

44 Speaker 3 ____

45 Speaker 4 ____

46 Speaker 5 ____

Test 6 A (Module 6)


A         Fill in the missing word. There are two answers you do not need to use.

Native, beneath, give, varied, drive, catch, snaps, unspoilt, majestic, sunstroke, boat, landmarks

1. I can’t stand Ben and Liz. They ______ me crazy.

2. You should wear a hat in hot weather and drink lots of water to avoid __________ .

3. We had a _________ view of the ocean from our hotel room.

4. All the flights are delayed, so we are all in the same ________ .

5. Did you know that the _______ people of Australia are called Aborigines?

6. I was cleaning out my room and found some old _________  from our childhood holidays.

7. Can you please _________ me a lift to school, Dad?

8. The area was __________ countryside, before the town was built.

9. There was a ________ menu at the hotel restaurant.

10. If we hurry, we can _______ the 8 o’clock train.


B        Underline the correct item.

11.  What time does the plane arrive/reach in London?

12. A team of scientists is on an excursion/expedition in Antarctica to study the climatic conditions there.


13. Tom threw the ball for his dog to fetch/bring .

14. Is there place/room for one more person in your car?

15. The documentary follows Colombus’ journey/ voyage to the West Indies.



C      Rewrite the following statements in reported speech.

16. “It’s so chilly this evening,” Jill said.          19. “We’ll go to Italy next year,” said Jane.        

17. “I visited Spain last year,” he said.              20. “They are going away on holiday next week,” Sue said.

18. “Tom was late this morning,” Ben said.      21. “I haven’t talked to Jane recently,” Ann said.


D          Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech.

22. “Learn about local laws and customs,” she told me.    25. “Do you like French food?” he asked Ann.

23. “How old is the Taj Mahal?” a tourist asked me.         26.  “Where is the nearest bus stop?’ he asked.   

24.” Don’t talk about religion or politics,” he told me.      27. “Have you  ever lived abroad?”  Ben asked Sam.


Test 6 A (Module 6)

E            Fill in: at, off, in, on, for, without, aside

 28. Winter   has started to set … already, so we can go skiing.     32. The boat sank with six passengers … board.

 29. There are many boats … hire at Heritage Port.                        33. We set … some money for a special holiday.

 30. They will send you the tickets by Friday … delay.                  34. He rented a jeep and  set …to the village.                      

 31. Shall we book our train tickets … advance?                            35.  She is spending a few days… the seaside.


Everyday English

F       Complete the exchanges with the phrases below.

a) What a shame!   b)  Sounds good!   c)  It was fantastic.     d)  Good for you!  e)   Thank goodness!

36. I spent my whole holiday in bed with the flu.                                                      ____

37. Did you enjoy your trip around Europe?                                                              ____  

38. I lost my passport, but it was found and returned to me 2 days later.                  ____

39. We didn’t let the rain stop us from seeing the sites.                                             ____

40. She’s planning to spend 3 weeks on a Greek island this summer.                       ____ 

G      Read the text and mark the statements as true (T), false (F) or doesn’t say (DS).


Test 6 A (Module 6)

41. Gustave Eiffel also built the Statue of Liberty.                 ___                   

42. Guy de Maupassant didn’t like the Eiffel Tower.             ___

43. Over 2 million people have climbed the Eiffel Tower.     ___

44. It took 5 years to complete the Eiffel Tower.                    ___

45. Different colours are used to repaint the Eiffel Tower.      ___


H       Listen to the speakers and choose the correct answer for each question.

46. Listen to a woman talking about choosing a holiday. What advice does she give?

   A choose something suitable for you 

   B plan ahead             

   C visit many museums and landmarks

47. Listen to a man describing a business trip. How did he feel when he reached the hotel?

   A  Frustrated  

   B Annoyed

   C Relieved

48. Listen to a man talking about his trip to Paris. What was he surprised with?

   A The quality of food

   B The friendly people

   C The prices of things

49. Listen to a man talking about taking pictures. Which of the following the true?

   A  He only takes pictures of people  

   B He prefers taking pictures of unusual things  

   C He doesn’t take pictures of landmarks

50. Listen to a girl talking about exchange programme.  How was her experience?

   A Strange      

   B  Boring  

   C Exciting


Test 7 A (Module 7)


A   Choose the correct word/phrase to fill in the gaps.

1. rush hour               prime time                                                  3. temper                      mood                                                                    

a). I can’t believe they’re showing such violent films on           a) John  argues a lot and finds it difficult to control

 … TV! Many young people watch at this hour.                            his …  .

b) You should leave early tomorrow if you want to avoid         b) Henry was exhausted and in no … to go out for

the … traffic.                                                                                 dinner.

2. test                         exam                                                            4. grapevine                 headline

a) My brother passed his driving … yesterday.                             a) Have you read the … in this morning’s paper?

b) Do you prefer sitting a written or an oral … ?                       b) I heard through the … that John is getting a                          

                                                                                                          promotion.  Is that true?  

  B      Fill in the missing word. There are two answers you do not need to use.

Media, impact, degree, certificate, deal, connect, edits, timetable, attention, newsreader, download, extension

5. Computers had a huge … on the 20th century.         10. Teen these days use their mobiles as a(n) … of themselves.

6. I can’t seem to … to the Internet for some reason.  11. The students who pass the exam are given a … .

7. The … on BBC1 is really handsome.                       12. Multi- taskers are able to divide … between different activities.

8. It’s taking ages to … this file.                                  13. A photographer … pictures he has taken on his computer.

9. Have you got your new school … yet?                    14. Alex can’t … with the stress of moving to a new area.



C        Underline the correct item.

15. Ann may/has to leave school early tomorrow. She has a dentist appointment after school.

16. If Ben gets permission from his parents, he may/ must study in France next year.


17. Kate should have/ must have studied a lot for the history exam. He got very high mark.

18. Students mustn’t/ needn’t run in the school corridors. It’s against the rules.

19. You can/must raise your hand and wait before you ask a question.


D       Fill in to, on, for, from, about.

20. I find it extremely difficult to concentrate … my homework when the television is on.

21. John comes … a very wealthy family.                    

22. My sister always blames me … things I never do.

23. Most bullies don’t care … the feelings of others.     

24. The mum yelled at the boys because they had been mean … to the cat.

 Test 7 A (Module 7)

 Everyday English

E             Choose the correct response.

25. What’s the best way to do better in my exams?                    ___   A That’s the spirit.

26. How did you do in your maths test?                                      ___   B You could revise more often during the year.   

27.  I’ll try my best to pass the history test next time.                 ___  C  Pretty well.

28.  Why don’t you get a full-time job and go to evening school?__   D How come?

29. Tom’s decided to postpone his studies for a year.                   __   E That’s easier said than done.


F     Circle the most appropriate response.

30. Can I borrow your dictionary, please?                  A Not at all.                         B Of  course.

31. Shall I carry this bag for you?                               A Yes, please.                      B   No, you won’t.

32. We could go to the cinema tonight.                      A That’s a great idea.           B No, we might not.

33. Will you explain this to me?                                 A Yes, I should.                    B Certainly.

34. Could I ask you a question, please?                      A  No, you wouldn’t.            B Yes, of course.



G     Listen to Mrs. Jenkins talk to her class before their final exam. For questions 1-6, choose A,B,C

35. This afternoon, students are sitting a(n) 

 A  History exam.

 B  English exam. 

  C French exam.

36. The students are told

 A there is one mark per question.

 B there are three pages of questions.

 C the exam has different types of questions.

37. What exam rule applies?

 A  Students must print their name on every page.

 B Students cannot leave the room.

 C Students can look at the course text book.

38. What advice does Mrs. Jenkins give her students?

 A They shouldn’t guess if they don’t know the answer.

 B. They should not forget what they have learnt about essay structure.

 C They should finish early so they have time to look back for mistakes.

Test 7 A (Module 7)

39. The students are told not to worry because

A  they are capable of passing the exam.

B the exam is easy.

C they can retake the exam if they don’t pass.

40. At five minutes to two, Mrs. Jenkins says that the students can

 A start writing. 

B Look at the questions.

C put their name on the exam.



H     Read the text and match the phrases (A-F) to the gaps (41-45). There is one extra phrase.


A  so we set off the following week for our exciting adventure

B  and do something different for a change

С went on to learn how to identify different species of animals

D but we weren’t very keen on the idea at first

E and build fires just by rubbing two sticks together

F and that everyone could learn at their own pace



Test 8 A (Module 8)


A   Underline the correct item.

1. Pam is so funny! She takes up/ takes after her father.         4. Jenny bought a new pair of ice skis/skates, as     

2. I’ve booked a tennis course/court for tomorrow morning.           her old ones had fallen apart.

3. Kitty is very good-looking/ open-minded. She should       5. One of the biggest attractions in our town is

  be a model!                                                                                    the outdoor ice-skating rink/pitch, which is       

                                                                                                        located in a beautiful park setting.  


 B       Fill in the missing word. There are three answers you do not need to use.

Whizzed, knock, entrants, technical, opposing, spectator, addicted, originated, physical, bizarre, inflatable, enthusiasm, bounce

6. You need lots of … equipment to go scuba diving. 

7. The players weren’t very good, but they were full of   … .

8. Rock climbing is a very … activity.

9.  Football is a very popular … sport.                                                                                                                                                                                    

10.  I think zorbing  is  a  … activity. 

11. Underwater hockey … in Britain where it was invented  by a  diving club.

12.  There were around 50,000 … and I came 100th, so I was proud.

13. The boys spent the afternoon in the pool playing with their … ball.     

14. Ben … down the hill on his snowboard.

15. The … team scored three goals in thirty minutes and won the match.



C         Fill in the correct preposition: for, in.

16. I am totally  … favour of contact sports.

17. These golf clubs are … excellent condition.


18. Are there bikes … hire in this city?

19. Andriy Shevchenko fit to play Manchester Rivals … the title!


D      Fill in:  if, unless.

20. ____  I finish early today, I may go to the cinema.                 

21. ____ Dave studies harder, he won’t pass his driving test.             

Test 8 A (Module 8)

22. _____ you stop eating fast food, you won’t lose any weight.     

23.  ____ I see Tim, I’ll give him your phone number.

24. ____ the weather gets cold soon, we won’t be able to go on our skiing trip.


E    Complete the sentences using the Conditional (Type 0,1,2 or 3).   

25.  If I had known it was a secret, I … (not/tell) anyone.

26.  If I were you, I … (stop) smoking.

27. If you put water in the freezer, it … (become) ice.

28. If they play well, they … (win) the match.

29.  If I … (earn) more money, I would buy my parents a really big house! 

30.  Water … (boil) if you heat it to 100 C.

31. We … (go) to the park if it hadn’t rained.

32. If you invite Mike, I … ( not/come) with you.

33. If I had more time, I … ( take) karate lessons.

34. If you … ( not/water) the plants, they die.


  Everyday English

F            Use the sentences ( a-e) to complete the dialogue.

a    I’m not bad.                                        с  How about joining me?                      e I’m afraid I can’t.

b   Are you  any good at it?                     d Sure. Why not?



G      Read the text and answer the following questions.



Test 8 A (Module 8)







Test 8 A (Module 8)


 H             Listen to the players of a hockey team talk about a difficult game, and match the speakers to the statements. There is one extra statement.

A  The speaker is sure they had prepared enough for the game.                               46.  Speaker 1       ____

B The  speaker thinks they had played too much in the weeks before.                    47.  Speaker 2       ____

C The speaker is very surprised they didn’t win.                                                     48.  Speaker 3       ____

D The  speaker thinks their opponents are a better team.                                         49.  Speaker 4       ____      

E The speaker says they are still in the competition.                                                50.  Speaker 5       ____

F The speaker believes the location of the next game will help them.















                                                                1 полугодие                  КОНТРОЛЬ ЧТЕНИЯ

                     8 form READING (1 st half-year)

Bison have not always lived in North America, they are relative newcomers. They belong to the Bovidae family, like domestic cattle and the wild buffalo of Africa and Asia. The oldest known bison fossils have been found in China and Himalayan foothills, where an animal with all the essential features of the genus lived a million years ago. They evolved rapidly and spread over most of the northern hemisphere in Europe and Siberia. During one of the Ice Ages, the faunas of Asia and North America began to intermingle. Very early, the steppe bison moved eastward to the North American continent. Much later, men followed the same route.

Choose the right variant to answer the questions:

Question 1: Which of the following would be the most appropriate title for the passage?

A.The classification of Asian and North American fauna B.An introduction to the North American bison C.An analysis of the bison genus in the Bovidae family D.A hypothesis of the evolution of the bison

Question 2: According to the passage, what is true about the evolution of the bison?

A.Their ancestors were domestic cattle and wild buffalo. B.They originated in China and in the Himalayas. C.Their beginning was in Africa and Asia. D.They evolved from the steppe bison.

Question 3: According to the passage, when did the bison move to North America?

A.Over a million years ago B.Relative recently in North American history C.During one of the Ice Ages D.Early in man's habitation of North America

Question 4: According to the passage, the bison moved from Asia to North America by

A.crossing the sea. B.walking over the land. C.travelling through the foothills. D.climbing over a bridge.

Question 5: The passage would most likely be assigned reading for courses in which of the following subjects?

A.American history. B.Anthropology C.Zoology D.Modern science

Define if the statement is true, false or not stated:

6. Bison have a life expectancy of approximately 15 years in the wild.

7. Bison belong to the Bovidae family.

8. They spread over most of the southern hemisphere in Europe.

9. The oldest bison fossils have been found in China and Himalayan foothills. 10. Bison have poor eyesight.









                                                                             2 полугодие                  КОНТРОЛЬ ЧТЕНИЯ







                                                                       1 полугодие                       КОНТРОЛЬ АУДИРОВАНИЯ


                                   One afternoon just before Christmas an old gentleman was wandering through the town centre. As many other people the gentleman was looking for some nice presents for his big and friendly family. Thegaily-illuminated shops were full of cheerful shoppers. The children were watching in wonder at all the toys in the shop windows. Suddenly the old gentleman noticed a little boy sitting on the pavement. The boy had poor dirty clothes on and was weeping bitterly. The old gentleman didn`t see neither the boy`s parents nor any other adults near him. He came up to the boy and asked him why he was crying. And the little boy said that he had lost a ten pence coin his uncle had given him. The old man put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins. He picked out a shiny ten pence coin, and, with a kind smile on his face, gave it to the child. “Thank you very much”, said the little boy, and, drying his eyes, he cheered up at once.An hour or so later the old man was making his way back home by the same route. To his great surprise he saw the same little boy sitting in the same place. He was crying as bitterly as before. He went up to the boy and asked: “Have you lost the coin I`d given you as well?” “No, I haven`t”, answered the boy. “I haven`t lost your coin. But I still can`t find the first one.” And sighing heavily he added: “If I could find my own coin, I`d have twenty pence now.”

                              Mark the sentences as TRUE or FALSE.

1. One morning just before Christmas an old gentleman was wandering through the town centre.

a) true b) false

2. Suddenly the old gentleman noticed a little boy sitting on the pavement.

a) true b) false

3. The old man gave the child a shiny two pence coin.

a) true b) false

4. Finally, the boy was lucky to find the first coin.

a) true b) false

II.  Choose the correct answer to the question.

1. What was the old man looking for in the town centre?       

a) presents for his friends

b) presents for his family

c) presents for his neighbours

2. What were the children watching at?

a) toys in the shop windows

b) the little boy sitting on the pavement

c) ten pence coin on the pavement

                                                                                2 полугодие КОНТРОЛЬ АУДИРОВАНИЯ

Вы два раза услышите четыре коротких диалога, обозначенных буквами А, B, C, D. Установите соответствие между диалогами и местами, где они происходят: к каждому диалогу подберите соответствующее место действия, обозначенное цифрами. Используйте каждое место действия из списка 1–5 только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее место действия.





In a swimming pool


In a street


In a travel agency


In a hotel


On a bus excursion

Начало формы

Вы два раза услышите пять высказываний, обозначенных буквами А, В, С, D, Е. Установите соответствие между высказываниями и утверждениями из следующего списка: к каждому высказыванию подберите соответствующее утверждение, обозначенное цифрами. Используйте каждое утверждение из списка 16 только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение.




The speaker talks about his/her favourite pastime.


The speaker explains what makes his/her birthplace remarkable.


The speaker describes his/her recent trip abroad.


The speaker asks for advice about the time to travel.


The speaker advises against visiting a place.


The speaker recommends some places worth visiting.

Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.

Конец формы                                                                            1 полугодие КОНТРОЛЬ ПИСЬМА

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Ben.

…We’ve moved house and now I have to go to a new school. It’s a pity because I liked my old school and I had a lot of friends there. Now I feel a bit lonely but I hope to find some friends here too….

…What do you like most about your school? Have you got a lot of friends at school? What do you usually do with your school friends in your free time? …

Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions.

Write 100120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.


You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Ann.


… After taking my school exams, I want to study English literature at university. Some people say that it is boring and it takes too much time, but I really like it...

…How many exams are you going to take this year? How do you prepare for your English exam? Do you like to take exams or not, why?...


Write her a letter and answer her 3 questions.

Write 100120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.


Семья. Семейные отношения.

Еда. Покупки

Работа. Профессия

Мода. Имидж


Проблемы защиты окружающей среды


Школьное образование. Масс-медиа

Спортивная жизнь




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