Презентация "Защита окружающей среды"

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Подготовил студент гр.327 Лорай Григорий Презентация «Моя любимая тема в предмете»

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We must take care of it. The importance of this is pointed out by the ecologists, scientists, who study the relations between living things and their environment. Each of us must do everything possible to keep the land, air and water clean.

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I think that everything in the world must be beautiful. A human life is a part of the whole environment and closely connected with it. It is true. My motto: If a nature exists, then a man will live too.

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When God created the first man he took him and led him round all the trees of the Garden of Eden and said to him: look at my works, how beautiful they are! Take care that you do not corrupt and destroy my universe, for if you destroy it no one will repair it after you!

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But what are we doing? Just look!

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Littering Air pollution Water pollution Endangered species Destruction of natural resources

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Look how beautiful can be our town!!!

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We have to save our planet For those who will live after us.

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