Презентация "We are a technological civilization and culture"

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We are a technological civilization and culture МКОУ «Тагайская СШ» Н.А.Коткова учитель английского языка

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Technology has been with humans from the first use of a stone as a tool and it is impossible to separate technology from our life now.

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According to legend, the wife of Emperor Huangdi developed silk as a industry about 4,700 years ago. Her name was Xilingshi, and she may be the first ever recorded female inventor.

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At the end of the Middle Ages the German, Johan Gutenberg invented printing with movable type. His Gutenberg bible of 1455 was the first known printed book.

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The building of ships seems to have begun in Egypt. The first models were designed 5,000 years ago and evolved to the sailing ships.

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A Dutch optician, Hans Lippershey built the first documented telescope. Galileo, an Italian astronomer built another a year later and began his study of the sky

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In 1888, an American inventor, Herman Hollerith, developed the first successful computer. Then in 1975, personal computers were finally introduced.

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Today we cannot function without them!

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