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Презентация Вальтер Скотт. Was a world-famous English writer, poet and historian, of Scottish descent
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Walter Scott (August 15, 1771-September 21, 1832)Was a world-famous English writer, poet and historian, of Scottish descent

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Biography. The writer's hometown

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Ivanhoe-The poet's first own work

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lots of novels

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ROB BOYScotland could not do without its own national hero. After all, their age-old enemy and rival of England, was Robin hood. And if the English fighter for justice is still a partially fictional character, then the Scots have an absolutely real one

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PURITANIa collective image of the Puritan rebels. The novel recounts the events of 1679, when a Puritan revolt broke out in Scotland against the restored Stuart dynasty in 1660.

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The Antiquary. The Antiquary, published in 6,000 copies, was even more successful than previous novels by Walter Scott. The entire print run was sold out within 3 weeks

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A LEGEND OF MONTROSEThe novel tells the story of Montrose's rebellion in 1645 against the Scottish Parliament.

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Ivanhoe. The events are timed to 1194-128 years after the Battle of Hastings, as a result of which the Anglo-Saxons were conquered by the Normans.

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Walter Scott

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