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On January 4, 1896, it assumed state status and became the 45th. It is located in the Rocky mountains and is part of the Mountain States group. It borders Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. The capital and the largest city of the state is Salt Lake City. Юта - Utah

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Ranked 13th among other States. Utah is a major tourist and transportation state. Information technology and research, public services, and the mining industry are well developed . More than 75 % of the population is employed in the service sector.

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In the North of Utah is the largest lake in the Western part of the United States-the Great Salt lake. Approximately 30 % of the state is covered by forests. Utah produces more than 200 types of minerals of industrial significance; the most important are oil, natural gas, coal, and copper. EVA

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It has a diverse terrain. In the North-Central part of Utah rises the Wasatch range, in the northeast are the Uinta mountains.  The highest point of the state is king's Peak, which is 4123 m. the West of the state is a more desolate area, which is crossed by small mountain ranges.

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There are 5 national parks in Utah Arches Bryce canyon Canyonlands Capitol Reef Zion

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Bryce canyon

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