Презентация "The main places of interest in Kaluga"

Kaluga is situated in Central Russia on the beautiful Oka River. It is roughly 188 kilometers southwest of   Moscow and it serves as the administrative center of the Kaluga Oblast. The first official mention of the city by its current name was made in 1371. Kaluga population is about 326,000 (2012)
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Kaluga city flag Kaluga city coat of arms

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History of Kaluga

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In the 15th century Kaluga became part of the principality of Moscow. In 1607, Kaluga was the center of a peasant uprising led by I. I. Bolotnikov. Kaluga became a part of Moscow Province in 1708; in 1777 it was made the center of the Kaluga namestnichestvo; and in 1796 it became the capital of Kaluga Province. From the 17th through the 19th century it played an important role as a trade center. History of Kaluga

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Kaluga took part in all the most important events of history of Russia. In1606-1607 Kaluga was а center of peasant’s war under Ivan Bolotnikov’s leadership. During the Patriotic War of 1812 Kaluga played an important role. It was the main supply base of the Russian army. Kalugians did actively fought at the fronts of the Civil War.

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Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky (17 September 1857 - 19 September 1935)

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K.Tsiolkovski’s House. In this house the great scientist lived and worked for 30 years (1903-1933). On his death’s first anniversary a museum was opened here. The house was ruined by the Nazis, but it was rebuilt two months after the invasion was over. Obelisk on Tsiolkovski’s Grave.

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Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics

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Kaluga Regional Museum of local lore was built in the early XIX century. It’s a typical example of Russian classicism. It was once the estate of the merchant of the first guild M.P. Zolotarev

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The Korobovs’ Chambers (one of the rare examples of “chamber architecture”, the end of the 17th century Stone bridge over Berezuevsky gulley constructed in 1777 by the same architect, Petr Romanovich Nikitin, is still one of the biggest viaducts in Russia.

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Gostiny Dvor (1785 – 1811) Kaluga Gostiny Dvor was built according to draft of the famous architect Pyotr Romanovich Nikitin, the ensemble was begun in 1784

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Bilibin house (Shamil house)

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The House of Masters of Kaluga city The following wooden building constructed in the beginning of the 20th century hosts the municipal House of Masters and the Museum of local people handicrafts and art. There are nice exhibits of national costumes and fancywork.

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Sights of Kaluga Jury Gagarin Monument. Victory Square K.Tsiolkovski's Monument

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Victory Square is a symbolic place for Kaluga’s citizens and indispensable point of all excursions. Today there is a memorial complex, built as a tribute to the fallen in the battles for Kaluga in the Great Patriotic War. 30 meter-high obelisk topped by 8 meter-high statue of Motherland.

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A.V.Lunacharsky Drama Theater January 19, 1777 opened the curtain of the Kaluga drama theatre

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The Holy Trinity Cathedral The main Cathedral of the Kaluga region, consecrated in 1815 and dedicated to the victory over Napoleon.

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