Презентация с лексикой для студентов-электромонтажников

Презентация содержит лексический материал, необходимый для успешного овладения профессиональным английским языком студентами-электромонтажниками.
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AMMETERS & VOLTMETERSammetermoving coil instrumentmoving iron instrumentironspindlerepulsion typeattraction typebobbinspring controldampingrevolutionpermanent magnetsupply

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AMMETERS & VOLTMETERSelectromagnetic type-moving iron metermoving coil meteraxis, spindlerepulsion typeattraction typeto attractlong, oblongto install, set, mountsuck intoair-dash-potpurposeemploya small piece of soft iron

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safetysafe (прил.)dangerousfiberglass. DANGERS AT WORK-high voltage-electric shock-heavy objects-stripped wires-falling-explosion-fire. THINGS TO WEAR TO STAY SAFE-latex gloves-a uniform-safety glasses-a hard hat-steel toe boots-a rubber mat-an arc shield-arc flash clothing-a hot stick

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electrical safety at worka way of doing smth.turn on\offswitch on\off. Appliancesan electrical hazardfire preventionunused outletssafety coverstraffica flame of fireflammable itemssecurelyto nail \ to staplea baseboardto plug ina three-prong adaptera pluga zip cordtemporary repairsworn out wires

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more actionsto connect wiresto bind cordsto pull a ropeto push a cartto inspect a circuitto lead to ignitionto cause firesto splice wiresto make sureto push a buttonto dig into the groundto strip the insulation offto twist the ends of wirestapeto install waterproof covering

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Elements of electricity. Ex.1 We can measure electricity by a multimeter. We can measure electricity by calculations. I strip off the insulation by a stripper. We can cut wires by long-nose pliers.

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Elements of electricitybasics of electricitya source of electricityelectric current. DC (direct current)AC (alternating current)differences between AC and DCunits of measurement (amperes, volts, watts, ohms)to calculate resistance

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effects produces by a current

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