Презентация по английскому языку "Загадочный и далёкий архипелаг Палау, Храм Судьбы -The Temple of Doom".

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Храм Судьбы (The Temple of Doom), Палау

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Храм Судьбы (The Temple of Doom), Палау The mysterious and remote archipelago of Palau is full of stunning landscapes —even underwater landscapes . Jellyfish and corals, reefs and caves: nature seems to have collected here everything that can give ocean. We dived on the Blue Holes reef ("Blue Holes»): these are four vertical wells with a diameter of about 10 meters. At a depth of 20 meters, they converge into a spacious cave, from which there are two exits. And there lies the sinister "Temple of Doom": last time we only mentioned it, and now let's take a deep dive!

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The Temple of Doom, Palau. The Temple of Doom is a small and seemingly inconspicuous cave. To get here is quite simple: a narrow entrance with a diameter of about one and a half meters — the so — called "seventh", an additional hole in the complex structure of the Blue Holes reef-is located at a depth of about 25 meters. If you go up to it from the bottom — you need to focus on the northern part of the main "hall". This is the main entrance to the Temple of Destiny:

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The main entrance to The Temple of Doom, Palau. A few meters to the left of the main entrance, there is another additional slot that the most curious divers can squeeze through. But this gap is much more convenient to use not for entering, but on the way back — for exiting, since it will be clearly visible from the darkness to the lumen. And if you try to enter through it, you will have to squeeze out of the bright hall of the Blue Hole into the frightening darkness of the cave, which can be more difficult psychologically. The route in Temple of Doom is considered difficult and is not recommended for divers without experience.

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Death Hole According to some sources, 3 Japanese divers once died here, and perhaps it was then that the modest cave was given this unofficial name. Some also call it Death Hole — "Death hole. Not only certified Cave Diver divers are allowed to swim here, they must also have special equipment. The popularity and "closeness" of any place is the best advertisement, and untrained divers are also eager to explore the legendary cave. For them, this is possible with the support of qualified guides who are ready to be responsible. The horizontal terrain suddenly changes to a steep elevation drop. The beam of light from the lantern barely breaks through the complete darkness, and suddenly this black silence is cut through by some movement. Something passes close by and right over your head, making you shudder, and you do not immediately realize that these are just harmless and living inhabitants of the depths.

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The well-preserved skeleton of a large turtle There are no corals here, but caranx, stingrays, napoleon guban, lion fish and other exotic tropical fish that swim here — nothing terrible, except that at first glance the cave looks uninhabited, and you do not expect any activity in it. The Temple of Destiny is a large hall with a diameter of several tens of meters. The upper part, the ceiling, is at a depth of about 20 meters, and the floor is at a depth of 35-40 meters. In different places there are small branches, in which there are small caves and niches. In the main hall, the exit from the Temple of Doom is not visible: it is closed by the height difference, which can confuse inexperienced divers. But if you hang a couple of lanterns along the way, then it will be easy enough to navigate. At the far end of the Temple of Doom, on one of the slabs, lies the well-preserved skeleton of a large turtle — a kind of memorial, warning all the curious persons not to disturb the rest of the dead. We can only guess whether the animals came to this place to die of their own free will, or died without air, unable to find a way out...

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The exit from the Temple of Doom There is a rope from the main entrance of the Temple of Doom, but it leads not to the skeleton of a turtle, but to the deepest part of the cave, and therefore the path along the rope is not of much interest to divers If you spend more time in the cave, in different parts of it you can find the remains of several other turtles, which are worse preserved and look just like piles of bones. However, the air supply in our tanks is already running out, and it's time to go back. This is the exit from the Temple of Doom, which takes divers to the lower part of the Blue Holes reef:

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We can only guess whether the animals came to this place to die of their own free will, or died without air, unable to find a way out...

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