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Презентация по английскому языку по теме Linking words and their functions

Данная презентация разчитана на пополнения словарного запаса учеников,определения linking words в тексте и их функции.
Содержание слайдов
Номер слайда 1

Linking Wordsand their functions 11 класс

Номер слайда 2

Linking devices Position in the text. The function of linking words. Grammatical differences

Номер слайда 3

Position in the text. Some linking words normally form a link between clauses WITHIN a sentence. It is bad style to start a sentence with these words: and       but            so         because          then             until             such as  Another type of linking device is used to form a link BETWEEN sentences. These words usually followed by a comma: Furthermore,     Moreover,     However,     Nevertheless,      Therefore,        In conclusion,

Номер слайда 4

The function of linking words. Linking devices are neither nouns, nor verbs. They provide a text with cohesion and illustrate how the parts of the text relate to each other. Here are some of the functions which linking words provide. Adding extra information to the main point contrasting ideas expressing cause and effect showing exactly when something happened, expressing purpose (why?) and opinion listing examples making conclusions and giving emphasis.

Номер слайда 5

Grammatical differences. Some linking words must be followed by a clause Subject + Verb + Objectwhile    why          because    although  so    whereas  when. Other linking words should be followed by a noun. Linking word + (the) + Noun/Pronoun or gerund    because of     despite     during       in spite of

Номер слайда 6

Adding as well asbesides. Moreover,Furthermore,What is more,In addition,not only .... but alsoanother point is that. Contrasting. However,Although. In spite of. Nevertheless,On the contrary,on the one handon the other hand,whereas. While. In contrast,Neither...nor

Номер слайда 7

Expressing cause /reasonbecauseassince. This is whybecause of. Due to. Owing to. For this reason,Expressing effect /resultso....thatsuch a...that. Therefore. Thus. Consequently,As a result,too...for/tonot enough...for/to

Номер слайда 8

First (of all)At first. In the beginningthennext. Before. After thatafterwards. When. Whileduring. Soonimmediately. Once. Suddenly. As soon ason. No sooner....than. Hardly...when. Finally. Eventually. At the end. In the end. At last. To begin with,until. Narration

Номер слайда 9

Expressing purposetoso as toin order thatso thatfor (Non-specific)I would say that. In my opinion,I think (that)I believe (that)Personally. Apparently, Expressing opinion

Номер слайда 10

Giving examplesfor example,for instance,For one thing,this includes,such as (for example),i.e. (that is)Summing up /concluding. All in alloverallgenerally. In conclusion,on the wholein the main. To sum up,

Номер слайда 11

Emphasisespeciallyparticularly. Naturally,exactly becauseabove all. Whatever. Whenevertoo / enough. The more ....

Номер слайда 12

Write the sentence again, using the word in brackets. The meaning must stay exactly the same1. She is a very good English speaker. You would think it was her native language.___________________________________________________________________ (so)2. There were so many people in the room that we couldn't move.___________________________________________________________________ (such)3. We missed the film because there was such a lot of traffic.___________________________________________________________________ (so)4. I can't wear this coat in winter, It's not warm enough.___________________________________________________________________ (too)5. When he speaks English, I can't understand what he says.___________________________________________________________________ (enough)6. We lost the match although we we the better team.___________________________________________________________________ (despite)

Номер слайда 13

Использованные источникиhttps://otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/49970690_de6f6cce363e388e0547d7fadcac206b_800.gifhttp://www.cliparthut.com/clip-arts/1341/animated-hourglass-clip-art-1341495.gifhttp://mediaturbo.com/images/dart.gifhttp://s01.yapfiles.ru/files/17917/dlyamerii.gifhttp://www.shkola41.edusite.ru/images/voskznak.gifhttp://web42.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/linkepites.jpghttp://www.vivquarry.com/wkshts/linkwdex.htmlhttp://www.vivquarry.com/wkshts/linkwd.html

Номер слайда 14

Good luck!

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Просмотров: 110
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Яровая Наталья Александровна
Английский язык, 10 класс, Презентации
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