презентация по английскому языку на тему "Witches"

презентация по английскому языку на тему "Witches" 11 класс
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Witches came about when people began to practice magic. Mankind has believed in the power of nature, that they can heal and hurt, to cause ulcers and to get rid of diseases, to create or destroy something.

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In different cultures is indicated on the same sign of the witch - small tail, which she allegedly hides under the clothes.

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Absurd reasons for accusations: red hair color, sexual attractivenessor, on the contrary, unattractiveness,grumpy temperament and so on.

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It is believed that witches were burned at the stake, but most of them were hanged. Grim fact: the most cruel instrument of torture was the "witch's bridle" mask of steel, with studded gag.

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Most popular in medieval Europe, test of witchcraft – is the test of water.

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In 1524 in Riga on charges of witchcraft burned sculpture Virgin Mary! Wooden statue accidentally thrown into the water, she did not drowned. This was enough to burn the devil's idol.

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Believed to be the last executed witch was Anna Geldi. Anna was sentenced to the death penalty the Swiss judges for doing black magic.

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Some interesting facts from the present

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In Saudi Arabia in the criminal law there are articles that punish for witchcraft imprisonment.

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In the fall of 2008 in Kenya was burned at the stake 12 witches and sorcerers.

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Over the last 20 years in India as a result of lynchings, was killed about 5 thousand sorcerers and witches.

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