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презентация по английскому языку на тему "Summer garden"

презентация по английскому языку на тему "Summer garden" (Летний сад в Санкт-Петербурге)
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Summer garden

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CREATIONJust a year after the Foundation of St. Petersburg, in 1704, on the marshy Bank of the Neva river in front of Peter and Paul fortress by order of Peter began work on the breakdown of a large Park, which received the romantic name "Summer garden". The allocated area stretched from Neva to modern Nevsky prospect, but for more than three hundred years the center of St. Petersburg has changed so much that the name "Summer garden" was assigned only to a small part of the former huge Park. Today it is actually green island, which is surrounded by Fontanka, Moyka, Swan canal and the Neva.

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history. The summer garden was originally created as a summer Royal residence, and for its construction were allocated part of the island Pudica: to summer residence of Peter the great chose the "rendered habitable and favourably situated, the manor at this place where was located the estate of a Swedish major Erich Berndt von Konou (Conau) — a small house with farm yard and garden." At that time, this part of the island served as a transport function (lost with the laying Of a large Promising road).

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The summer garden is mentioned in the novel in verse "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin. The poet describes his childhood of the main character as follows: Monsieur l'abbé, French poor,So reluctant to exhaust the boy,Taught his around the joking,Do not bother strict morality,Slightly for pranks branil. And in the Summer garden to walk drove. Summer garden in poetry

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Anna Akhmatova's poem "Summer garden" (1959) is dedicated to the garden): I want to roses in the garden,Where the best in the world is of the fences,Where the statues remember me young,I remember nevskoy under water. In the fragrant silence between the Royal Linden. Me of imagining creaking masts of the ship. And the Swan, as before, floats through the ages,Admiring the beauty of his double. And dead asleep hundreds of thousands of steps. Enemies and friends, friends and enemies. And March of shadows not in sight of the late. From vases of granite to the door of the Palace. There whisper white night my. About someone's high and secret love. And all the mother of pearl and Jasper burns,But the light source is mysteriously hidden.

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Samuil Marshak: Long poems says Neva. Page falls Gogol Nevsky. The Summer garden — Eugene Onegin Chapter.…And there still lives Petrovsky age. In the corner between the Fontanka and Neva…Quatrain Peter Vyazemsky about the Summer garden: Iron, obeying the influence of fire,Here easily divit in transparency of a fence,Means for hiding and the garden looks cool. Poltava hand this bred garden!

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The summer garden was divided by the channel into two parts: front and economic. The front part is adjacent to the river, here in the life of Peter were in the summer of Assembly and celebration in honor of the victories in the Northern war. In the side alleys covered tables, and the largest average were dancing. The alleys were decorated with sculptures that were delivered to St. Petersburg from Italy by order of Peter. The Tsar wanted the sculptures to become not just a decoration of the Park, but also to help educate the guests: each of them represented some notion-seasons, elements, time of day, in addition, some sculptures depicted the heroes of ancient myths.

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Sculpture Glory. P. Baratta, Italy, 1718

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In the Summer garden of Peter the great's time was the famous sculpture of Venus, which later became known as Tauride, for her guard was even placed special post. Today the famous sculpture of Venus Tavricheskaya is located in the Hermitage. In the southern part of the Park, which was considered economic, there was a stone gallery, a sculptural workshop, greenhouses, a pond where carp were bred, fruit trees grew here, beds with "cooking herbs"were arranged. Peter called this part of the garden the Royal garden.

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In the Summer garden was the first Palace of the Russian Tsar. First built a wooden house, and in 1712 by architect Domenico Trezzini was built a stone Palace, which can be seen in the Summer garden today. The summer Palace of Peter I looks very simple and strict, it is decorated only with bas-reliefs on the facades, made on the grounds of ancient mythology and glorifying Russia's victory over Sweden in the Northern war. The halls of the Palace are decorated with paintings, stucco, ceramic tiles, and decorative murals.

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The bas-relief on the Summer Palace of Peter I

Номер слайда 13

Nearby there was a Large meadow, there is arranged the troops parades, fireworks, celebrated the momentous event. Now this place is familiar to all as a field of Mars. Summer garden was the first in Russia ceremonial public Park, which, in the European manner, not only rested, but also arranged official state holidays and even hosted foreign guests. Since then, more than 300 years have passed, the Summer garden has long ceased to be a closed Imperial residence, but there is probably no more favorite and romantic place in the center of St. Petersburg. The text was prepared by Galina Dregulyas

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Gate of the Summer garden

Номер слайда 15

Decoration of the garden-lattice fence from the Neva river was executed in 1773-1786 under the project of architect Felten.

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Bosket " Menagerie pond»

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Nizhne-Lebyazhy bridge (First Tsaritsyno)

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Fountain «Crown»

Номер слайда 19

Sculpture Of Bellona. A. Tagliapietra, Italy, 1718

Номер слайда 20

Sculpture Of Youth. A. Tarsia, Italy, 1722

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Apollo Belvedere and Diana

Номер слайда 22

The fountain at the third site

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The front stalls

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Fountain " Tsaritsyn»

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Photos of the Summer garden

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