презентация по английскому языку на тему "Ghosts"

презентация по английскому языку на тему "Ghosts" 11 класс
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Ori gin The term poltergeist comes from German words (rolter - rumble, make noise, knock) and (geist - spirit). The first reports on the phenomenon of poltergeist dates back to Roman times; then they are found in medieval documents from Germany, China and Wales; reports of poltergeist continue to come today from different countries of the world.

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1 fact. Attachment to man. Poltergeists are often associated with a certain family member. As a rule, with a child or adolescent. This statement even found an explanation! Allegedly, when a child is absent, asleep or resting, then the poltergeist does not manifest himself in any way. But if it is active, then the creature will not only make noise, but also "follow“ it.

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2 fact. The first recorded incident. The first recorded incident occurred in 1666. Then in the Moscow almshouse, which was near the Ivanov Monastery, an unknown "demonic" force began to make noise and throw off guests from their beds. Exiled her Reverend Hilarion.

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3 fact. The next manifestation of the phenomenon The next manifestation of the phenomenon was noticed in 1873 by the priest N. P. Tsvetkov from the village of Baranovka (Simbirsk province). Once in his house a samovar with boiling water rose from the field and flew to the side for about 15 meters. After that, an unknown force began to pull out the bricks from the oven and break them against the walls.

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4 fact. Conclusion of specialists. Specialists came to the conclusion that all the abnormal events described above are the result of experiments on people. Allegedly, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are trying to test the mental capabilities of people. And they, in this way, demonstrate their presence here on our planet.

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5 fact. Сlassification Her parapsychologists also worked to create. They distinguish the following types of poltergeists: Those who "come" to homes where people with mental problems live. They are also called "demon possessed." At some point people do not voluntarily become the cause of the appearance of a poltergeist. Those who are the ghosts of the souls of people who have not found peace (suicides, suddenly dead, badly buried).

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