Презентация "Ошибки переводчиков в рекламных акциях"

Презентация "Ошибки переводчиков в рекламных акциях" содержит примеры ошибок перевода, которые допустили известные компании при продаже своей продукции в зарубежных странах.
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Ad translation mistakes

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Advertising errors. Coors. This company is one of the leaders in brewing in the United States. They probably didn't even imagine how their slogan was «Relax!» translated into Spanish. The result was «Suffer from diarrhea».

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Translation of advertising slogans. Association of milk producers. Americans - members of this Association decided to hold an advertising campaign under the motto «do you have milk?» Successfully carried out the action it was decided to continue in Mexico. But the slogan translated from Spanish was: «Are you a nursing mother?»

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KFCAt the end of 1987, the restaurant of one of the largest representatives of us fast food-KFC was opened in Beijing for the first time(Kentucky Fried Chicken). It is known that the motto of the company is the phrase «so delicious that you will lick your fingers!»However, the smart Chinese have translated the slogan into their own way, as a result of which it turned out: "we will bite off your fingers!"

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Errors in advertising texts. Coca-Cola. The name of the world-famous brand in China was first read so that depending on the dialect, it could be translated as «bite the tadpole» or «wax horse».

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Translation of advertising texts. Pepsi. The Chinese had to pretty much «panic» after they first saw the slogan of this giant, because «We will bring you back to life» they translated as «we will get your ancestors from the grave».

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Thank you for attention!

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