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Презентация "Northern Ireland"

Презентация "Northern Ireland" будет полезна всем, кто хочет познакомиться и получить общее представление о Северной Ирландии. Очень содержательный материал и красочные фото расширят ваш кругозор об этой стране. Презентация рекомендуется для старшеклассников. В конце презентации есть слайд с вопросами о просмотре и знакомстве с этой удивительной страной.
Содержание слайдов
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THE EMERALD ISLE Done by Evtushenko Asya, Cherdonova Liza, 10 “L” Lyceum No103 “Harmony” Checked by Ratina N.F.

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Location Northern Ireland is situated on the northeast part of Ireland. Ireland is washed by the Irish sea on southeast, the Atlantic ocean is in the north and the Northern Straits is in the east.

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Country Facts The total area is 14.138 sq kilometres. The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. The population is 1.8 million. The official emblem is the harp. The official languages are English and Gaelic. The colors of the Irish flag are red, white and gold. The symbol of Ireland is the shamrock. Ireland’s national animal is the horse.

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Symbols of Northern Ireland The flag is called Ulster Banner. The coat of arms The unofficial symbol is the clover.

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Belfast Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland.

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Belfast Belfast has the youngest population in Europe. Almost 20% of the people are under 16 years of old. It is the river Lagan which runs through Belfast. People enjoy resting near the City Hall.

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Belfast’ s Sights Grand Opera House makes a great impression on tourists with its unforgettable and wonderful architectural design. City Hall is a beautiful building with amazing architecture. Peace Wall is famous for its signatures of those pledging peace with the artwork painted on sections of the wall by artists from around the world.

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Belfast’ s Sights Some other popular sights of Belfast are: St. Malachy’s Church Big Fish on the embankment Queen’s University Belfast cathedral -The Cathedral Church of St. Anne

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Nature The Irish land is so beautiful with its fine lakes, mountains and green fields. Rain makes Ireland’s grass so green, that it is known as the “Emerald Isle”.

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Magnificent Landscapes of Northern Ireland

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Wonders of Nature Giant’s Causeway Strangford Lough Belfast Castle Cliffs Carrickferous Castle

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Wonders of Nature On the north-east coast of Northern Ireland tourists can see a mass of unusually shaped rocks. Scientists say that they were formed by a flow of lava into the sea. The ancient Irish thought that they were the work of the giant Finn McCool. This place is called the Giant’s Causeway.

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History Around 200 BC, the Celts came to the island. Later the island was invaded by the Vikings who founded the first towns. The English kings wanted to invade Ireland, too, but the Irish were hard to rule.

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History In 1920 Britain divided Ireland into two parts – Northern Ireland (Ulster) and Eire (Ireland).

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Religion The half of the population is Roman Catholics and the other half is Protestants. Now Protestants are in majority in Northern Ireland and Catholics – in the Republic of Ireland. The Patron Saint of Ireland is St Patrick. He brought Christianity to the Irish people.

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The people of Ireland The Irish people are said to be gifted, religious and unpredictable. The Irish are famous for their hospitality. The Irish have the gift of singing and storytelling.

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Famous people Jonathan Swift George Bernard Shaw Oscar Wilde Thomas Moore President Kennedy President Reagan Arthur Guinness

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Interesting facts Ireland is sometimes called the Land of a Hundred Thousand Welcomes because of the Irish’s hospitality. Boiled bacon and cabbage is Ireland’s popular traditional dish. Murphy is the most common surname. Some of the oldest surnames are prefixed by ‘Mac’ (a son of) and ‘O’ (a grandson of). Beef is the largest Ireland’s edible export. A portrait of Ireland’s most famous poet, W.B. Yeats, appears on the Irish 10-pound note.

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Legends Blarney Castle is famous for the ancient ritual of Kissing the Blarney Stone – all who kiss the Stone can receive the gift of Irish talk, soft, persuasive, with a nice touch of flattery.

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Legends Small magical creatures are leprechauns.

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Leprechauns According to legend, this mythical group lived in Ireland long before human inhabited the land. Every Leprechaun has a pot of gold and if you follow a rainbow to its end, you’ll find it. In general, leprechauns are nice. But if you try to capture them or steal their gold, they will use magic against you and they can turn you into something. Leprechauns can be extremely grumpy. They bring good or bad luck to people. The leprechaun has become one of the most beloved and popular good luck symbols associated with Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day.

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Leprechauns The word “Leprechaun” means “small body” from the Middle Irish word luchorpan. If you are lucky enough to catch a leprechaun, he has clever ways to make you set him free. The most common story is that a leprechaun will grant you three wishes in exchange for his freedom.

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Crossword. Ireland’s national animal. The national symbol of Ireland. The national colour of this country. The official emblem of Northern Ireland. The place of interest because of its famous ancient ritual of kissing the stone. The name of the old Ireland’s language. The picture of this part of the man’s body is on the coat of arms of Ireland. The name of the Patron Saint of Ireland. The second short name of Northern Ireland. The capital of Northern Ireland. A group of stone columns standing very near together.

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Sources The magazine “Speak Out No 1, January/February, 2001 The magazine “Speak Out No 2 (114), 2016 The book “Read and Speak about Britain and the British”, V. F. Satinova1998 The book “ British Festivals”, St-Petersburg, 1996 https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Northern-Ireland https://wikitravel.org/en/Northern_Ireland https://www.britannica.com/place/Northern-Ireland https:// /www.britannica.com/place/Northern-Ireland/Climate Яндекс. Картинки

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