Презентация "Неличные формы глагола: причастие"

Презентация "Неличные формы глагола: причастие" содержит теоретический материал по английскому языку о неличной форме глагола.
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participlespresent participles (playing, running, etc.),past participles (played, written, etc.) perfect participles (having written, etc.). Present and past participles can be used as adjectives.

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participles. The present participle (-Ing) describes what somebody or something is (it answers the question "What kind?"). The past participle (-ed) describes how somebody feels (it answers the question 'How do you feel?").e.g. It's a very tiring job. (What kind of job? Tiring.) He's very tired. (How does he feel? Tired.)

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participles. Participles can also be used:to express time.e.g. After doing/having done her homework, she watched TV. He broke his arm (while) playing hockey. (=He broke his arm while he was playing hockey)

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participlesto express reason.e.g. Being late, Adam took a taxi. (=Because he was late, Adam took a taxi.)Having spent all her money, Pam asked for a loan. (=Because she had spent all her money, Pam asked for a loan.)

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participlesinstead of a relative pronoun and full verb. e.g. The man standing at the door is my boss. (=The man who is standing at the door is my boss.)The information presented in the article was invaluable. (=The information which was presented in the article was invaluable.)

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participlesinstead of the past simple in narratives when we describe actions happening immediately one after the other.e.g. Seeing the shadow, he screamed. (=He saw the shadow and he screamed.)to avoid repeating the past continuous in the same sentence.e.g. She was climbing up a ladder carrying a bucket. (=She was climbing up a ladder and she was carrying a bucket.)

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