Презентация "Неличные формы глагола: инфинитив"

Презентация "Неличные формы глагола: инфинитив" содержит теоретический материал по английскому языку о неличной форме глагола.
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To-infinitiveto express purpose (чтобы выразить цель).e.g. She went to the bank to get some money.after certain verbs (advise, agree, appear, decide, expect, hope, manage, offer, promise, refuse, seem, want, afford, pretend, etc.).e.g. He advised me to apply for the job.

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To-infinitiveafter verbs such as know, decide, ask, learn, remember, want to know, etc., when they are followed by question words (who, what, where, how, etc.). "Why' is followed by a subject + verb, not by an infinitive.e.g. I can't decide where to go. I want to know why you've decided to leave.

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To-infinitiveafter adjectives such as nice, sorry, glad, happy, afraid, ashamed, etc. e.g. He is glad to be back.after too and enough.e.g. She's too shy to talk to the manager. We've got enough money to buy a new car.after it + be + adjective (+ of + noun/pronoun). e.g. It was nice of him to help.

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To-infinitiveafter would like/would love/would prefer (to express specific preference). e.g. I would like to learn a foreign language.after only to express an unsatisfactory result. e.g. He rushed to the back door only to discover that it was locked.

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Bare infinitive (to)After modal verbs (may, should, can, etc.)e.g. You must study hard. After had better and would rathere.g. You had better sign the contract. I would rather go home now.

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Bare infinitive (to)After the verbs let, make, see, hear, feele.g. They made him pay for the damage. BUT! Be made/be heard/ be seen + to-infinitive (passive)e.g. He was made to pay for the damage.

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