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Презентация на тему: " Канада на английском языке"

Canada is a country in north of USA. It is located in the most northen part of the continent. It has more than 27 milion inhabitenst. It's the world's second – largest country, after Rusia. 3 The capital city of Canada is Ottawa and it has more than inhabitens 4 Like every country Canada has a flag. It's red and white in the midlle is a maple leaf. 5 In Canada a lot of people speak Franch but 60% of people speak English. The currency of Canada is Canadian dolar. 6 the first people that came in to Canada are Indians and Eskimos, Indians came from Asia, but Eskimos came from North. And Canada became government at 1st of July 1867. 7 they have a lot of interesting activities like : skiing, baseball, tennis, a lot of people fish and hike. But the most inportant sport in Canada is a hokey 8 in Canada animals aren't that diffirent then in Evrope. The most known are Grizli bears, deers, pumas and the most inportant for the intire country are beavers. 9 - Canada has more than 38 national parks. The oldest is called Banff. 10 - it has more 1000 islands 11 Niagra Falls are the most beautiful and most visit falls in Canada. There located beetwen Canada and America. There falling almost 55m deep. And there more than 12 tousand years old. And every year 15 milion people visit Niagra Falls 13 Television Tower its 554m high, it was built Every year almost 2 milion people visit it. It's located in Toronto. 14 A lot of famous people were born in Canada. But i chose JUSTIN BEIBER and CELINE DION. And now im going to tell you something about them. 15 Justin Drew Bieber was born in Canada His kariere started when he was 14 year old. He is a singer, songwriter and actor. He also plays a lot of instruments. Some of them are qitar, piano and drumbs. And he has a lot of fans there called BELIBERS. 17 Celine Dion was born in Canada She is singer and songwriter. She is most known from Titanic, when she did soundtrack. 18 And this was something about Canada and interesting things about her. I really hope that you enjoyed my prazintacion. And thanks for listening :D
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JAMES BRUCE FALLS840 m high. DELLA FALLS440 m high. BRIDAL VEIL FALLS122 m high. What is the name of the highest waterfalls in Canada?

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GREAT BEAR LAKE446 m deep. LAKE SUPERIOR 406 m deep. GREAT SLAVE LAKE614 m deep. What is the deepest lake in Canada?

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Mackenzie River4,242 km long. Yukon River3,185 km long. St Lawrence River3,058 km long. What is the longest river in Canada?

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MOUNT LOGAN5,956m high. MOUNT SAINT ELIAS5,489 m high. MOUNT LUCANIA5,260 m high. What is the highest mountain in Canada?

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LAKE HURON59,600 km²The GREAT BEAR LAKE 31,328 km²LAKE SUPERIOR82,100 km²What is the biggest lake in Canada?

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JUSTIN BIEBERCELINE DIONDRAKEWho is the worst and the best singer in Canada?

Номер слайда 9

MONTREALVANCOUVERQUEBEC CITYWhat is the most beautiful city in Canada?

Номер слайда 10

FIRST NATIONS 4,43%FRENCH 13,55 %CANADIANS32,32%What is the least spoken language in Canada?

Номер слайда 11

NUVANUT (territory)Average temp. -33.4°C MANITOBA (province)Average temp. -25.1°C NOVA SCOTIAAverage temp. -8.9°C Where is the coldest place in Winter in Canada?

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2- Grizzly and black bears3- Polar bear9-Black widow10- Mosquito1- Cougar8- Poisonous snake6- Moose7- Elk4- Wolf5- Coyote. What is the most dangerous specie in Canada?

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Ottawa. Toronto. Quebec City. Where is the most romantic city in Canada?

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3- Toronto’s CN Tower2- Banff National Park1-Niagara Falls. What is the most visited place in Canada?

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Céline Dion$800 million. Justin Bieber$285 million. Drake $170 million. Who is the wealthiest singer in Canada?

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3- CANADA2- BRAZIL1- RUSSIAWhere is the third largest forest in the world?

Номер слайда 17

The first Nations. Canadians. Chinese. Who is the oldest ethnic group in Canada?

Номер слайда 18

Ryan Gosling Jim Carrey Ryan Reynolds Who is the funniest actor in Canada?

Номер слайда 19

Toronto (Ontario)≈ 5.5 million people. Montreal (Quebec)≈ 3.5 million people. Vancouver (BC)≈ 2.3 million people. What is the most populated city in Canada?

Номер слайда 20

Grise Fiord (Nuvanut) Where is the farthest settlement in Canada?

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