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My favorite city of Moscow

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Content. About Moscow. Administrative Divisions Location. Some Facts About Moscow. Interesting sights of the city of Moscow. Weather. Religion

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About Moscow Moscow is the capital city and the most populous subject of Russia. The city is major political, economic, cultural and scientific center in Russia and in Eurasia. The symbol of Moscow

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Administrative Divisions. The entire city of Moscow is headed by one mayor. The city of Moscow is divided into 12 administrative okrugs and 123 districtsrrrrrrrr

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Location. Moscow is situated on the banks of the Moskva River, which flows for just over 500 km (311 mi) through the East European Plain in central Russia. 49 bridges span the river and its canals within the city's limits

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Some Facts About Moscow. The total length of Moscow streets is 4,350 kilometres. To cover that distance on foot at an average speed of 5 km per hour, a pedestrian would have to walk nonstop for 36 days. The Moscow Zoo, founded in 1864, is the largest zoo in Russia. It contains more than 3,000 specimen of 550 species. The highest TV tower in Ostankino is Europe. Height of buildings it is on the 8th place in the world. The height of the tower is 540 meters. The highest monument is the 107-metre-tall obelisk called "To the Conquerors of Space" (1967) located in Prospect Mira. The largest of Moscow's 500 libraries is the Russian State Library (the former Lenin Library), with a depository of over 40 million pieces in 247 languages. The oldest church in Moscow is the Kremlin Uspensky Cathedral, built in 1475-1479.

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Interesting sights of the city of Moscow. The Kremlin and the Red Square Saint Basil's Cathedral. The Kremlin in Russia is one of the most ancient parts of Moscow city. It is considered as a symbol of whole Russia. The Kremlin is a center of Russian State, cultural sight, residence of Russian Federation president. The most known Russian Cathedral is situated on the opposite side of the Red Square. St. Basil Cathedral was built in sixteenth century during the reign of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible.

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Interesting sights of the city of Moscow. The Bolshoi and the Maly Theaters. Historical Museum. The most famous theatre in Russia’s capital is Bolshoi Theatre. 2-3 ballets and 3-4 different operas are shown there each year. Repertory is focused on classical works of world famous composers – Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Wagner, and Verdi.

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Interesting sights of the city of Moscow. The Tretyakov State Gallery. The Pushkin Museum

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Interesting sights of the city of Moscow. The Historical Museum. The Armoury chamber. The Historical Museum. The historical museum of Moscow represents a vast collection on every phase of the Russian history. It is situated on the Red Square and offers many exhibitions, displaying country from antiquity times until the twenty-first century. The museum is one of the most popular sights in Moscow.

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Weather. Moscow has a humid continental climate with warm humid summers and fairly cold winters usually lasting from mid November through the end of March.

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Religion. Christianity is the predominant religion in the city, of which the Russian Orthodox Church is the most popular. Moscow in Russia's capital of Orthodox Christianity.

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Thank you for your attention!

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