Презентация "Lodging"

Презентация "Lodging", направленная на тренировку употребления в диалоге определенных лексических единиц.
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Listen to a conversation between a travel agent and her client

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Travel Agent: Good morning, Mr. Wallace. How can I help you today. Client: I’m going to Florence, Italy. 1 _______ ______ _______ _______ find a place to stay? Travel Agent: Well, there are a number of options. What’s your 2 ______ ? Client: I don’t want to spend a lot of money. What 3____-____ options are available? Travel Agent: There’s a bed and breakfast. It has a 4 _____ ______. Several budget hotels are also available. Client: What’s the difference?

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Travel Agent: A bed and breakfast is very coy and romantic, but costly. A budget hotel is 5 ______ . And it’s cheap. Client: I see. I think I’ll go with a budget hotel.

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Let’s check!

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1. Can you help me

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2. budget

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3. low - cost

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4. wonderful view

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5. comfortable

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True or false?

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Mr. Wallace is a traveler on a budget. A bed and breakfast is a low-cost option The man decides to stay at the bed and breakfast.

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Pre-Travel Questionnaire What is the client’s name? __________ Where is the client going? ___________ What is the client’s budget? __________ Where does the client stay?___________ __________________________________

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