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При обсуждении темы экологии, важно заинтересовать учеников необычной подачей материала. Например, рассмотреть экологические проблему на примере популярных мультиков и фильмов.
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Environmental protection. МБОУ г. Мурманска Гимназия № 10 Учитель английского языка. Рафикова Екатерина Геннадьевна

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Match the sets of adjectives in A with the nouns in B to form collocations.{5 C22544 A-7 EE6-4342-B048-85 BDC9 FD1 C3 A}ABWind, solar. Power. Natural, man-made. Species. Noise, air. Disaster. Industrial, nuclear. Waste. Toxicpollution. Extinct, endangered. Fumes

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Choose a suitable item to fill in the gaps. The city was dominated by tall factory chimneys, from which ___________ poured into the air. The number of ________ in the world is increasing as habitats are lost. People living near airports are those worst affected by _______, but we all suffer from it to some extent. Judging by the number of panels visible on people’s rooftops, _________ is becoming more and more popular. Global warming is resulting in an increased number of _____ throughout the world.

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Mummy, oh Mummy!Mummy, oh mummy, what’s this pollution. That’s everyone’s talking about?Pollution’s the mess that the country is in. That we ‘d all be better without. Mummy, oh mummy, what’s going to happen. If all the pollution goes on?The fields will be littered with plastics and tins. The streams will be covered with foam. Mummy, oh mummy, who makes pollution?And why don’t they stop if it’s bad?Cos people like that just don’t think about others. They don’t think of all, I might add.

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Mummy, oh Mummy!Now throw those two bottles over the hedge. Save us from carrying them home. But, mummy, oh mummy, if I throw the bottles. Won’t that be polluting the wood?Nonsense! That isn’t the same thing at all. You just shut up and be good. If you’re going to start getting silly ideas. I’m taking you home right away. Cos pollution is something that other folk do. We’re just enjoying our day!

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People should…

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People should…

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People should…

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People should!

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People should!

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Murmansk is beautiful!

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