Презентация "How the British relax: Walking and Travelling"

В данной презентации рассматривается досуг и отдых жителей Великобритании, а именно "Путешествия и туризм". 7 слайдов
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WALKINGWalking is also very popular. Ask any British person if they have a pair of walking boots and the answer will probably be yes. Except for dry summer days, the beautiful British countryside is pretty muddy, so you need a good pair of walking boots or 'wellies' to enjoy your walk.

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WALKINGWalking as a leisure activity has a long tradition in England. You can buy a variety of maps and guides to walking routes.

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WALKINGOrganised walking is also popular and is a good way to discover local sights of interest with a group of like-minded people and a good guide.

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TRAVELLINGAs far as actually going away on holiday, many British people choose to spend their holidays abroad, preferably somewhere warm and dry. Spain, France and Greece are regular destinations, due to convenient location and kind climate. Spain. France. Greece

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TRAVELLINGBut by far the greatest numbers use the USA, especially Florida and California for their holidays. Florida. California

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TRAVELLINGCity breaks are also a good idea for changing the scenery and enjoying new places without too much trouble.

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