Презентация "How the British relax: Cycling and Extreme sports"

В данной презентации рассматривается досуг и отдых жителей Великобритании, а именно "Увлечение велоспортом и экстремальный досуг"
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Performed by student of Center ACT Group-PCs-41 Romanov Yegor. HOLIDAYS AND LEISURE: HOW THE BRITISH RELAXCycling and extreme sports

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Cycling Cycling is another popular activity. Unfortunately, many British roads are very busy and don’t have cycling paths, so cycling can be a bit dangerous in Britain, many people find quiet country roads and spend their whole holidays exploring their homeland on their bikes.

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Rock climbing. More extreme sports like rock climbing also attract people.

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Extreme ironing And, of course, the famous British eccentricity is the cause of unusual sports like extreme ironing. Extreme ironing is a serious sport where teams of people complete at who can do their ironing in more extreme conditions. Extreme ironing is now an international sport with serious competitions and organized events.

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Another sport activity Of course, not all British people keep fit by engaging in extreme sports. Many go to the gym, swimming pool or fitness classes

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Watching TV However, it has to be said that the British are not the sportiest nation in the world. You see, watching TV often gets in the way. Increasingly, British people spend their free time watching TV. Sad, but true.

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The only comforting thing is that they are not on their own – most of the world seems to be doing the same! 

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