Презентация "COMPUTER in OUR LIFE"

Презентация по теме «Компьютер в нашей жизни» для студентов учебных заведений СПО всех специальностей, изучающих английский язык. 8 слайдов
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In the modern life world there is no place without a computer. Most firms, educational institutions, and state municipal institutions cannot imagine their work without computer.

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The computer has become a standart item of everyday. It has significantly simplified their lives. You don’t have to wait in queses at the post.

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Also, the computer has made learning easier, since is no need to go to the library and search for information by monitoring a lot of books.

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Also appeared a lot of entertainment and means of killing free time. Computer games, music, movies and TV series.

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Despite the fact that the computer saves a lot of time, it can also take it away if you get carried away with it.

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But despite this the pros of the computer prevail over the cons and I use the computer to simplify my life.

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Thank you for your attention!

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