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Caring for our planet

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Renewable and Non-renewable resources. Основная лексика: Planet. Resources – ресурс, источник. Renewable resources – возобновляемые ресурсы;Fresh water – пресная вода;Pollution – загрязнение; Non-renewable resources – невозобнавляемые ресурсы. Waste – отходы;

Номер слайда 3

Ex.1 Revise the text and answer the questions What resources can replace themselves naturally?Why is water so important?What do people do if there isn't enough water?How can we care for water?What is the problem with fossil fuels?What do you use electricity for?Renewable resources. People need it to grow and cook food, and to wash. Plants, animals, and people all need water to live. People go far to collect it and bring it to their houses. People can build new dams, wells, and pumps to clean water. They can not be replaced. We use electricity to power lights and other electrical applies.

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Ex. 2 Fill in the gaps with following words: electricity, fuels, water, pollution, fresh, fossil, renewable _________________ resources can replace themselves naturally. We all need ___________ to live. People need ___________ water to drink. Coal, gas, and oi. I are __________ ___________. We make ______________ in power stations. When we make resources dirty this is called ______________. Renewableelectricityfuelsfossilpollutionfreshwater

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Типы предложений. Предложение – это единица речи, которая выражает законченную мысль, обладает грамматической формой и интонацией. Все типы предложений в английском языке можно разделить по цели высказывания и по структуре.

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Типы предложений по цели высказывания: В английском языке, так же как и в русском, три типа предложения: Повествовательные (Declarative sentences) констатируют факты. С их помощью мы что-то утверждаем или отрицаем. Вопросительные (Interrogative sentences) нужны нам для того, чтобы спрашивать и уточнять информацию. Восклицательные (Exclamatory sentences) выражают эмоции. На письме их всегда можно узнать по восклицательному знаку в конце. В устной речи восклицания обычно произносятся громко и эмоционально. Повелительные (Imperative sentences) тот тип предложений нужен для того, чтобы приказывать, просить или приглашать что-то сделать.

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Типы предложения по структуре: Простые предложения В простом предложении обычно одно подлежащее и одно сказуемое. Их может быть и два, и три, но в этом случае все подлежащие и сказуемые должны быть однородными. Сложные предложения Такие предложения состоят из двух частей (clauses): главной (main) и придаточной (subordinate).

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Ex. 1 Make the sentences interrogative. You sing very well. He will play football next week. Terry tries to fix his sister’s laptop. My parents got married in the mountains. A cat is meowing. Barry runs every morning. Our teacher is looking at talking guy. My groupmates hate Math. His brother will be a great chief. They have never been in Italy. Do you sing very well?Will he play football next week? Does Terry try to fix his sister’s laptop?Did my parents got married in the mountains?Is a cat meowing? Does Barry runs every morning?Is our teacher looking at talking guy?Do my groupmates hate Math? Will his brother be a great chief? Have they never been in Italy?

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Ex. 2 Make from the declarative positive sentences to the declarative negative sentences. My aunt eats apples. We will go to the cinema this weekend. We were advised to come to school for rehearsal (репетиция). I have seen Peter. They are planning to have a holiday soon. She made a beautiful dress for herself last week. Everybody was waiting at the door to the museum. By the end of the year, he had read about twenty books. He is followed by his friend everywhere. He know how he could help his friend. My aunt doesn’t eat apples. We won’t go to the cinema this weekend. We weren’t advised to come to school for rehearsal (репетиция). I haven't seen Peter. They aren’t planning to have a holiday soon. She didn’t make a beautiful dress for herself last week. Everybody wasn’t waiting at the door to the museum. By the end of the year, he hadn’t read about twenty books. He isn’t followed by his friend everywhere. He didn't know how he could help his friend.

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Revise the text about renewable and non-renewable resources and correct the sentences. About 70% of Earth is covered with water. Most of the world’s water is salt water in oceans. We use fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil on power stations. Fossil fuels can not be replaced.

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Keeping our planet cool Основная лексика: Greenhouse effect – парниковый эффект;Weather – погода;Global warming – глобальное потепление; Hurricane – ураган; Melting ice – таяние льдов;Nuclear Energy – ядерная энергия;Solar Energy – солнечная энергия;Wind Energy – энергия ветра;Energy from Water – энергия от воды;Geothermal Energy – энергия тепла;

Номер слайда 12

Complete the sentences with the following words: warm, fuels, effect, greenhouse, fossil, sun, carbon, gases, dioxide. Heat comes to Earth from the ______________. Some of the heat is trapped by a blanket of ______________. The greenhouse effect keeps Earth ______________ enough for us to live here. We make carbon dioxide when we use ________ ______. Carbon dioxide increases the ___________ ________ and this makes Earth warmer. Ocean and plants use ______________ ___________. effectgreenhousegases. Sunfossil fuels warmcarbondioxide

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Write true or false. Correct the false ones. There are many rivers in Bangladesh. The Sahara Desert is getting smaller. Many people died in a hurricane in New Orleans in 2005. The sea level is getting lower because of melting ice. Funafuti is the capital of Tuvalu. It's possible to grow food on floating gardens. True. False. It is getting bigger. True. False. It’s getting higher. True. True

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Make a sentenceincreases / Carbon / dioxide / the / etfect. / greenhouseclimate. /gtobat / our / thlnk / is / Scientists / that / warming / changing10 / tevet. / Funafati / only / Parts / are / of / centimeters / sea / abovedioxide. / to / has / Our / reduce / natural./ planet / ways/ carbon. Carbon dioxide increases the greenhouse effect. Scientists think that global warming is changing our climate. Parts of Funafuti, are only l0 centimetres above sea level. Our planet has natural ways to reduce carbon dioxide.

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Translate the words. Resources Renewable resources Fresh water. Pollution. Non-renewable resources Waste. Greenhouse effect Weather Global warming Hurricane Melting ice Ресурс, источник. Возобновляемые ресурсы. Пресная вода. Загрязнение Невозобнавляемые ресурсы. Отходы Парниковый эффект. Погода Глобальное потепление Ураган. Таяние льдов

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Choose the correct variant

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Making clear electricity. New words Nuclear Energy – ядерная энергия;Carbon dioxide - углекислый газ;Accident – несчастный случай;To heat – нагревать;Solar Energy – солнечная энергия;Wind Energy – энергия ветра;Turbines – мельница;Underground – подземный; Energy from Water – энергия от воды;Bulb – лампочка;Geothermal Energy – энергия тепла;

Номер слайда 18

Read the text and answer the questions Where can we make solar energy easily? What moving water can we use to make electricity?How is electricity making in your country? Solar power stations only work well in places where it's very sunny all year long. We can make electricity by using energy from moving water in rivers, lakes, or ocean. We have all types of the energy resouses: nuclear, solar, energy from water and geothermal energy.

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Write the words and complete the sentences Wind Water Solar Nuclear Geothermal Wind Geothermal water Solar nuclear

Номер слайда 20

Order the words. Then write true or false Nuclear power station put carbon dioxide into the air. False. Some people died after an accident in Chernobyl Germany makes 60% of its electricity in wind farms Stream from underground can be used to heat buildings True. False. True

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Write the places Ukraine China Germany Iceland France

Номер слайда 22

Complete the sentences Scientists reduce dangerous thousands sunshine turbines power

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Reducing travel. New words:{5 C22544 A-7 EE6-4342-B048-85 BDC9 FD1 C3 A}To travel – Путешествовать; Vacation –Отпуск;Increase – Увеличение; Vehicle – Транспортное средство; Journey – Путешествие; Engine – Двигатель; Gasoline – Бензин ;Fuel –Топливо ;

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Make a sentence and write true or false. Most of us travel every day. Cars and buses pollute the air. Carbon dioxide makes our planet cooler. Big cars use less fuel than small ones. Some cars use fuel made of plants. The Zephyr plane carries a lot of passengers. TTFFTF

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Choose the correct variant

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Keeping our planet clean

Номер слайда 29

Writes true or falsetruetruefalsetruefalsetrue

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Order the words. Pollution is dangerous for animals. About billion people do not have to clean water. Many people recycle a lot of waste. Waste can pollute water from factories. We can try to reuse more things.

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Writes an essay “The best ways to save the planet”

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Protecting plants {5 C22544 A-7 EE6-4342-B048-85 BDC9 FD1 C3 A}To throw away – Выбрасывать ;Food chain – Пищевая цепь ; Sunlight –Солнечный свет ;Medicine – Препарат ; Danger – Опасность ; Charity – Благотворительность;

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Match the parts of the sentences. We are using too many trees. Fish eat plankton. We make flour from wheat and corn. We all need plants.

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Write true or false. FTFTTF

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Order the words. Without plants, we would have nothing to eats. Plants are at start of all food chains. Many plants that are used for medicines grow in rainforests. Polluted water can damage plants. Some charities collect money to buy tree. Finland and Canada replace the trees that they use.

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Answer the questions. What do plants need to make their food?What oil is good for your hair and skin?Why do companies cut down trees? How can we protect plants?Carbon dioxide from the air. Olive oil.to make furniture or paper. We must also use fewer trees. We can use less paper and recycle it.

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PROTECTING ANIMALS Tiny – крошечный Huge – огромный To share – делить To raise – растить Leather – кожа. Feather – перья. Wool – шерсть Insects – насекомые Habitat – среда обитания To hunt – охотиться Wildlife – дикая природа

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Номер слайда 39

Correct the sentences When we cut down rainforest trees we destroy honey.lf the ice at the North Pole grows, polar bears will be in danger. Elephants were hunted because people could sell their tails. Rainforests are the natural habitat of polar bears. Animals are in danger in safari parks. HABITATMELTSTUSKSTHE POLESSAFE

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Complete the sentences with the following words: honey, compost, farms, work, animals, eggs, fish, nectar. We share our planet with many other _____________. Large numbers of fish are raised in _____________ _____________. Chickens give us _____________. Bees get _____________ from flowers to make _____________. Animals also help us with _____________. Worms help us by making _____________.nectarfisheggsanimalsworkfarmscomposthoney

Номер слайда 41

Answer the questions. Why must we protect animals?What do bees get from flowers?What do bees make?What will happen to polar bears if too much ice at the North Pole melts?What can tourists see at safari parks?Where can rare animals kept to be safe?They can help us. They get nectar. They make honey. They will die. They can see animals in wildlife. They are safe in wildlife and national parks .

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The way forward To care – заботиться To protect – защищать To damage – разрушать Far away – далеко To grow – растить (выращивать)Greedy – жадный

Номер слайда 43

Write the opposite Protect Increase Old Near Cold Summer DAMAGE DECREASE YOUNG FAR HOT WINTER

Номер слайда 44

Complete the sentences with following words: less, reuse, food, energy, electricity, transport, greedy, waste. Problems for our planet: We use too much ___________. We make too much ___________. We ___________food from far away. How we can care for our planet: We must not be too ___________. We can use __________energy. We can buy ___________ from our own country We can ___________ as much as possible. We can save ___________. ELECTRICITY WASTE TRANSPORT GREEDY LESS FOOD REUSE ENERGY

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Choose the correct verb

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Correct the sentences. It's important to remember to turn on lights. It's bad to eat fruit from your own country. It's good to reuse and recycle things as little as possible. We cannot help the planet in small ways. OFFgoodbigmuch

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Answer the questions (at least in 2 sentences)1. Would you like to live in a city or in a village? Why?I would like to live in ___________. I think it is ________________.2. Where do you buy the food that you eat? Where does it come from?Usually I buy food at the _________________. I think it comes from _________.3. What can we do to care for our planet?Our planet is in danger. I think that there are few ways to help it. They are ___________.

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