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Acid Rain

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Acid rain is precipitation (rain, snow) with a p. H of less than 5.6 (high acidity). Acid rains are formed during industrial emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, which, combined with atmospheric moisture, form sulfuric and nitric acids. What is acid rain?

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The harm of acid rain lies in the fact that they lead to an increase in the acidity of water bodies, which leads to the death of the organisms inhabiting them, and also promotes the release of metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead into the water from the soil. In addition, due to acid precipitation, trees die, soils become less fertile, buildings and metal structures are destroyed. Pollution, which causes acid rain, also damages human health. Interacting in the atmosphere, these gases form microparticles of sulfates and nitrates, which penetrate deep into the human lungs when inhaled and lead to the occurrence and aggravation of heart and lung diseases. How acid rain affects the environment?

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Scientists around the world are looking for solutions to the problem of acid rain. One of the main methods of control is the installation of expensive treatment facilities at each plant, the filters of which will prevent heavy metal emissions and dangerous oxides. Such installations will not only reduce the likelihood of acid rain, but also make the air cleaner. Another way to solve the problem is to reduce the number of vehicles in large cities in order to reduce exhaust emissions. In addition, it is necessary to restore and not cut down forests, clean polluted water bodies, recycle, and not burn garbage. How to solve the problem with acid rain?

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