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План урока "There is / there are"

План урока английского языка для 5 класса, на тему "There is / there are"
содержимого документа

Lesson plan


LESSON: Unit 3: Fantasy World

Theme: There is/there are; some/any

Taraz city

School: 11

Date: 26.02.2020

Teacher name: Nuralieva Aigerim Kairatovna


Number present:


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

5.UE1  use appropriate countable and uncountable nouns, including common noun phrases and a structure there is/ there are describing times and location, on a limited range of familiar general and curricular topics

5.UE14 use prepositions to talk about time and location and some/ any

5.W8  spell most high-frequency words accurately for a limited range of general topics

5.S6  communicate meaning clearly at sentence level during, pair, group and whole class exchanges

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

  • Understand the meanings of the new words ( 7 out of 11)
  • Practise a dialogue about environmental things
  • Complete the dialogue with there is/there are-some/any (8out of 11)

Most learners will be able to:

  • Pronounce the new words accurately (10 out of 11)

Some learners will be able to:



  • Pronounce and spell the words accurately (11)


Nature related vocabulary


Respect, Academic honesty

Cross curricular linkslink


ICT skills

Projector or Smart board for presenting a video

Previous learning



Planned timings

Planned activities





3 minutes







     2 minutes












     5 minutes















      5 minutes







     3 minutes


     7 minutes






    3 minutes







    5 minutes


      5 minutes


     2 minutes

Organizing time

Good morning children!

How are you?

Thank you, sit down, please!

Ok, Who is on duty  today?

Who is absent?

What is the date today?

Psychological attitude:

And now guys we are going to wish something nice to each other. And it is called “Five fingers”. We will use our fingers, and say:

  1. I wish you to be
  2. Happy
  3. Lucky
  4. Healthy
  5. Cool

Thank you very much!

Ok guys, what was your homework?

(To learn be heart new words)

Let’s check the new words!

Bookcase – кітап сөре

Bed – төсек

Window – терезе

Curtain – перде

Wardrobe – киім сөресі

Sofa – диван

Table – стол

Chair – орындық

Carpet – кілем

Picture – сурет

Computer – компьютер

Lamp – лампа

Plant – өсімдік

Pillow – жастық

Ok, well done!

And now guys I have video for you. Take phones and earphones, and listen carefully. We have some aims. 1st group you have to find key words ( there is/there are, sofa, table, bed etc) and 2nd group you have to know what the video is about (Describe house).

Let’s start!

Children explain

Okay, and now how do you think, what is the topic about?

(there is/ there are)

Yeah, well done, you are so smart!

Today our topic “There is/there are-some/any”

First let’s write our goals on the flowers and stick them to the lawn.

Then Teacher start explaining  new topic.

And now you are going to work with text. Read the text, translate and write true or false.

Children start read.

Let’s check your work.

Clap your hand.

Next our work will be with workbook. Open the page 19 , ex 1. For gifted children ex 4.

 Let’s check your work. Change your work with each other. On the board you will see the answers and check yourself. If you don’t have mistakes pick up green color, if you have some mistakes pick up yellow color, if you have a lot of mistakes then pick up red color.

Listen to gifted children.

Clap your hand.

And now we are going to play game “Poll”. You have to take question which there are on the board. And choose 2 pupils then ask this question from them. You have to find answers on your questions. Good luck, guys!

Pupils will start work.

Then pupils will answer.

Let’s fix our topic with play “Kahoot”

Well done guys, you are so smart!

And now I want to know did you understand the topic or no. So take a butterfly  if you have understood and take the bee if you haven’t understood the topic.

Teacher will say summary and give homework.

Work book p-19, ex-2 and make up 5 sentences with There is/there are (+,-,?).

Thank you guys, our lesson has finished.

See you later and you are free!

Good bye!





PPT (slide 1)













Picture on the board















        PPT (video)







       Use flowers



          The text




Workbook p-19, ex-1 and ex-3.





     Question cards




    Game “Kahoot”



Use butterfly and bee



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