Олимпиадные задания для 11 класса по предмету «Английский язык»

Олимпиадные задания включают лексико-грамматический тест и аудирование.
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Form 11







1 the; 2 the; 3 a; 4 -; 5 the; 6 the; 7 a/the; 8 a; 9 the; 10 a; 11 a; 12 - ; 13 - ; 14 the; 15 an; 16 the; 17 the; 18 a; 19 the; 20 the; 20 –; 21 - ; 22 the; 23 an; 24 the; 25 the, 26 the



1. for; 2. from; 3. under; 4. on; 5. at; 6. to, 7. to; 8. about; 9. among; 10. of; 11. in; 12. without; 13. in/to; 14. for.



1. С action      9. С to

2. D collected     10. В final

3. A throughout     11. D high

4. A journey      12. A learn

5. В safe      13. С sight

6. D protects     14. В makes

7. В checked     15. В effort

8. A consisting



1. have been waiting; 2. thought; 3. would go; 4. didn’t turn; 5. have been fighting; 6. broke; 7. was driving; 8. had to; 9. breaks; 10. like; 11. have had; 12. have always been, 13. don’t have; 14. am driving; 15. has gone/ went; 16. is coming; 17. had; 18. bought; 19. was being repaired; 20. turned; 21 had been stolen; 22. wasn’t; 23. were; 24. had stolen; 25. thought; 26. would be arrested; 27. didn’t tell/ haven’t told; 28. has already started.



1.behaviour; 2. incomprehensible; 3. unfriendly; 4. uninterested; 5. embarrassment; 6. impolite; 7. inoffensive

1 up; 2 in; 3 down; 4 back; 5 for; 6 off;7 back; 8 down; 9 out; 10 out.


Listening Comprehension Test (max. 10 points)

1. C; 2. C; 3. D; 4. D; 5. B; 6. D; 7. C; 8. C; 9. C; 10. A.



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11th form

Total score – 100

Final score _______


I. Insert articles where necessary.


Ten months ago Peter and Sarah Moore came back to (1) ___ United Kingdom from (2) ____ Netherlands, where they had run (3) ____ language school for (4) _____ immigrants for (5) _____ last seven years. When (6) ____ couple moved into their old house they got (7) ____ chance to create (8) _____ completely new interior. They decided to design (9) __ kitchen they always wanted, with (10) ___ large window, (11) _____ double oven, as they are both (12) ___ very keen cooks, and (13) ____ traditional, country-style cupboards. (14) ___ budget wasn’t huge so they couldn’t afford to hire (15) ___ architect to design (16) __ interior. They did everything themselves – Peter painted (17) ___ walls pale green using (18) ____ mixture of different paints. Sarah found (19) _____ furniture and kitchen equipment in (20) _____ department stores and (21) _____ second-hand shops. (22) ___ final result is impressive – (23) ___ airy, spacious room with a lot of natural light. (24) ____ kitchen is now (25) ___ heart of their home and (26) ___family just love it.



II. Fill each of the blanks with the appropriate preposition.

Life is not easy (1) _______ business people nowadays. Most of them suffer (2) _________ constant stress and live (3) _________ considerable pressure most of the time. They have to travel a lot (4) ___________ business, which means spending very little time (5) __________ at home with their families. This applies even more (6) _________ the United States and Europe, where people tend to work harder and devote more time (7) __________ their jobs.

Young executives should be warned (8) __________ the costs of fast promotion and a very active professional life.

Burnout and depression are common symptoms (9) ________ professional people. Peptic ulcers, backache and heart problems are also characteristic (10) _________ this group. If you notice any of these symptoms or regularly are (11) _________ pain, consult a doctor (12) _________ delay. The doctor will probably advise a radical change (13) ___________ your lifestyle and physical exercise. And if you follow the doctor’s advice, you can expect a change (14) _______ the better.

III. Read the text and insert the letter corresponding to the best choice (А, В, С or D).

The American Eagle


America's national symbol is that great bird which is known as the bald eagle. However, the number of this species has dropped from 50,000 in the 1940's to about 300 today. Fortunately, America has taken (1) ___ by starting to breed these eagles. This takes place at a research centre in Oklahoma, where 300 have been bred and then released into the wild. The eggs are (2) ___ from wild eagles' nests, found (3) ___ the country, and are flown straight to the centre by aeroplane. During the (4) ___, they are kept (5) ___ in a special container which (6) ___ them from sunlight, which could easily kill them. Once they are at the centre, they are continually (7) ___ until they hatch. Eight hours after the birds emerge, they are given their first meal, (8) ___ of little pieces of a special meat. At 6 weeks old, they are taken outside to get used (9) ___ the cooler temperature. The (10) ___ stages of the bird's introduction to the wild take place at the top of a (n) (11) ___ tower, where they are kept in a big cage and fed on fish. As the time goes by, the cages are removed and they eventually (12) ___ to fly. All would agree that the (13) ___ of these beautiful birds flying high in the southern skies (14) ___ all the (15) ___ worthwhile.


1. A measure B. move  C. action  D. step

2. A assembled B. concentrated C. piled  D. collected

3. A. throughout B. all   C. at   D. through

4. A. journey B. cruise  C. travel  D. expedition

5. A. certain  B. safe  C. sure  D. harmless

6. A. avoids  B. prevents  C. hinders  D. protects

7. A. controlled B. checked  C. seen  D. noted

8. A. consisting B. making  C. having  D. including

9. A. of  B. from  C. to   D. in

10. A. end  B. final  C. latest  D. finished

11. A. eminent B. deep  C. outstanding D. high

12. A. learn  B. train  C. teach  D. practice

13. A. vision B. picture  C. sight  D. view

14. A. creates B. makes  C. does  D. has

15. A. attempts B. effort  C. trial  D. experiment 



IV. Put the verbs in brackets into a suitable form.

Ann: Tom, at last! (1) _____________ (wait) for you for ages. A moment ago I (2) __________ (think) I (3) _________________ (go) home if you (4) __________ (not turn) up in five minutes.

Tom: I’m sorry. I (5) _________ (fight) with my car. It (6) _____________ (break) down when I (7) __________ (drive) to work this morning and I (8) _________ (must) take it to the garage.

Ann: It (9) _____________ (break) down all the time. Aren’t you going to buy a new one?

I think you should.

Tom: But I (10) ____________ (like) my old Volkswagen. I (11) __________ (have) it for ten years and I (12) _____________ (always/be) very happy with it.

Ann: Well, I (13) ___________ (not have) a car. I (14) ___________ (drive) my sister’s Fiat this month because she (15) __________ go on holiday. But she (16) ___________ come back on Saturday and I will have to give it back.

Tom: You know, I once (17) ____________ (have) a Fiat, too. I (18) ___________ (buy) it second hand and then, when it (19) ____________ (be repaired) at a garage it (20) _________ (turn) out that it (21) __________ (be stolen).

Ann: Oh, dear! It must have been horrible.

Tom: Yes, it (22) __________ (not be) very pleasant. The police (23) ___________ (be) sure that I (24) ___________ (steal) it and I (25) ___________(think) I (26) ___________ (be arrested).

Ann: You (27) __________ (not tell) me that story. Oh, dear, the film (28) ________________ (already/start), let’s run!


V. Complete sentences with words formed from the words in capitals.

Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding

Many visitors to Britain find the natives’ (1) _______ (BEHAVE) frequently rather strange and occasionally totally (2) ____________ (COMPREHEND). One of the most common complaints is that we are cold and (3) _____________ (FRIEND). In fact, all we are trying to do is to ‘mind our own business’ and not to interfere in other people’s. This may also make us appear (4) ______________ (INTEREST) in foreign visitors. Again, our main concern is to avoid any degree of (5) ________ (EMBARRASS). On the other hand, foreign visitors often appear (unintentionally) (6) _____________ (POLITE) to the British. What to a Spaniard is a wholly (7) _____________ (OFFEND) click of the fingers to attract attention is highly insulting to a British bar worker and practically guarantees a drink-free evening!

VI. Write one word in each gap. (Phrasal verbs)

1. When John grows ____ he wants to be a teacher.

2. I have to hand _______ my essay by Monday.

3. I handed my old textbooks _____ to my little sister.

4. FC Barcelona dropped ____ to third place.

5. I don’t care _____ her ideas.

6. Jones called our meeting ______.

7. We got _____ from Spain last week.
8. I turned the proposal ______.

9. The teacher passed the textbooks ______ before class.
10. It was so hot in the office that Mary passed _______.



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Form 11

Listening Comprehension Test (max. 10 points)


Listen to the conversation and choose the correct variants


 1. Ian Fleming had a very … life.

A) boring B) picturesque C) interesting D) troublesome


2. Ian Fleming’s family was … .

A) poor B) miserable C) well-to-do D) ill-famed


3. The members of Fleming’s family contributed to … of the country.

A) culture B) agriculture C) economics D) politics


4. Ian Fleming became a journalist because he … .

A) worked in Moscow

B) wanted to become a writer

C) got good education

D) failed to get a job at the Foreign Office


5. During World War II Ian Fleming … .

A) was a hero B) worked in the office

C) was in Moscow D) took part in many battles


6. Ian Fleming decided to write the novel because … .

A) he was a journalist B) he was an intelligence officer

C) his father died a hero D) he wanted to deal with brave men


7. The idea to write about James Bond came to Fleming … .

A) during WWI B) after his father’s death

C) during WWII D) when he worked in Moscow


8. 007 was James Bond’s … name.

A) nick B) pen C) code D) favourite


9. James Bond was first mentioned … .

A) in 1908 B) during WWII

C) in 1953 D) in the news agency in Moscow


10. Ian Fleming wrote fourteen Bond books … .

A) all in all B) in particular C) above all D) finally


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Ситуации для устных высказываний 11 класс

1. Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.

1. When you first meet people what do you look at first? What does it tell
you about the person?
2. What features of character do you value most in people?
3. What kind of people do you dislike?
4. What unpleasant qualities of your future spouse (husband or wife) are you ready to put up with?

2. When a friend asks for help there’s no tomorrow.

1. What does it take to be a faithful friend?
2. What features do you value most in friends?
3. What makes people become friends?
4. Can you recall any difficult situation that your friend helped you to cope with?

3. Blood is thicker than water.

1. What makes a happy family?
2. Do you have a trusting relationship with your parents?
3. Who should be head of the family: mother or father?
4. What is the right age to get married?

4. Learning English is a strong requirement of modern life.

1. Why is learning English a must for every educated person?
2. What role does English play in different spheres of life?
3. Do you have to use English in your everyday life?
4. Do you think the idea of artificial languages like Esperanto has any future?

5. False friends are worse than open enemies.

1. Who is your best friend?
2. Can you confide your secrets to your friends?
3. What qualities do you think your friend appreciates about you?
4. What will you never forgive your friend?

6. Learning a language is an everlasting process.

1. What do you find most difficult in mastering a foreign language?
2. What activities do you enjoy most of all in your language class?
3. What is it necessary to do to keep up your English?
4. Do you enjoy additional means of learning English beside your school homework?

7. Work is a necessity. No worker goes to work because he likes it.

1. What things will you take in consideration when choosing your career?
2. Would you rather take up a challenging but not very well-paid job or a monotonous well-paid job?
3. What advice would you give someone who is about to go to a job interview?
4. If you had enough money never to work would you still seek employment?

8. Generation gap between parents and children is inevitable.

1. What are your relationships with your parents like?
2. Why is adolescence considered to be a difficult age?
3. What makes a good parent?
4. Were you naughty as a child?

9. A change is as good as rest.

1. What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
2. What exotic country would you like to visit and why?
3. Have you ever experienced a culture shock when visiting another country?
4. What is the most relaxing activity for you?

10.You must be ready for anything on holiday.

1. Do you prefer to go on a package holiday or arrange your holiday yourself?
2. Have you ever had any problems on holiday?
3. What things aren’t you ready to put up with on holiday?
4. What precautions should you take to avoid holiday problems?

11.Money makes the world go round.

1. What place does money occupy in your value system?
2. What do you spend your pocket money on?
3. If you were rich, how would you use your money?
4. What would you never do for love or money?

12. Happiness is what all people seek. Speak about the things that usually make you feel happy.

1. Do you believe in bad luck?
2. What are the three wishes you’d like to come true?
3. Can you remember any amusing things that have happened to you?
4. What is «happiness» in your view?

13.When I think about the United Kingdom, I immediately think of…

1. What places in the United Kingdom attract many tourists?
2. What places would you visit first if you had a chance to be in London?
3. What traditions connected with the British monarchy attract tourists in London?
4. What places of interest, besides those found, in London would you recommend visiting?

14. A man’s home is a reflection of his personality. Is it true for your house?

1. Do you help your mother with housework every day?
2. Have you ever decorated your room/house yourself?
3. Is your room your haven or just a place you sleep in?
4. What’s a house of your dream like?

15.Our life is impossible without modern inventions.

1. Does the computer play an essential role in your life?
2. How do you use your computer?
3. Is the mobile phone a blessing or a curse?
4. Do you spend more time watching TV or working/playing on the computer?

16.Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with your hands in your pockets.

1. What is your greatest career ambition?
2. Would you like to be famous?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous?
4. How can a person achieve fame?

17.Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

1. Why is reading compared to physical exercise?
2. Why do young people read less these days?
3. What book would you take with you on a long journey?
4. Why are people so keen on escapist books nowadays?

18.Travelling can’t be boring.

1. Why do people travel?
2. What means of travelling do you prefer?
3. Would you like to pursue a career which involves a lot of travelling?
4. Which is more important for you: comfort, speed or company?

19.There is no friend as faithful as a good book.

1. Why are “escapist books” popular now?
2. What helps you to choose a book for reading?
3. Who is your favourite Belarusian/Russian/English/ American writer?
4. What characters from his/her books do you remember?

20.Do you agree that the best way to have a friend is to be one?

1. What features do you value most in people?
2. Has your friend ever disappointed or deceived you?
3. Can you rely on your friend?
4. Do you think it’s good to have many friends?

21.What does family happiness depend on in your opinion?

1. Do you have secrets from your parents?
2. Do children take after their parents?
3. What is the role of the family in the life of a person?
4. What should be done to avoid misunderstanding in the family?

22. Imagine that you have an opportunity to make up a television programme about art. What is it going to be about?

1. What is the most popular form of art nowadays?
2. What kind of performances/films do you prefer: tragedies, comedies or detective stories?
3. What film/theatre performance would you recommend your friend to watch?
4. What artists, actors or playwrights can our country be proud of?

23.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

1. Is there any correspondence between physical appearance and people personality?
2. Is beauty only a physical quality?
3. Do you think beautiful people are generally happier?
4. Is beauty more important for men or women?



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