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Проект посвящен истории семьи ветерана войны. Учащимися 9 класса была проведена работа по изучению жизни ветерана войны Шекер Рубена Григорьевича - кадрового офицера красной армии. После войны из- за болезни ему пришлось закончить службу и тогда он стал скульптором и свою свою жизнь посвятил увековечиванию памяти погибших в годы войны.
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Veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Our grandparents. The research work students 6 "A" class Project leader Terikova E. R2012

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Sheker Ruben G. (1919-1978)a veteran of World War II. Soviet Army officer

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1936-1940 study at the Rostov on-Don artillery School.

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military ID

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After graduating from college he served in the Voroshilov Stalingrad region.

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He went to war in July 7, 1941

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In August 1941, the regiment was in okruzhenie. Ruben G. was captured

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Soldiers loved and respected their commander. When they realized that they captured inevitable they dressed woonded unconscious commander in soldier's clothes. Because they knew the law of the Soviet Army – officers coudn’t be captured - officers must die . At that moment Ruben Grigorevichu was only 21 !

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When Ruben G. woke up, he realized that he was in captivity . His solgers werecarring him along the dusty road, and around were Germans. Thus began his long journey to German camps. 5 times he tried to escape. Only in April 1945 he managed to escape.

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They were hiding in the woods, in a foreign country, hungry, ragged,ill. Their only desire was to break through to the Soviet troops. Only in July 1945, they were faced with the American soldatami. Ruben G. returned home in September 1945.

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His wife was waiting for him for 4 years. She didn’t got any letters, she didn't know where was he but she strongly believed that he would come back.

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After war his health did not allow Ruben Grigorevich to continue to serve in army. He had to look for another profession. From early years Ruben G. loved to draw and his drawings and little sculptures were brilliant. Talent helped him in that difficult moment. He entered Art school. All his life he devote to glorify the heroism of Russian soldiers and people during the Great Patriotic war . His monuments you can see all over Rostov region, Krastodarsky and Stavropol region.

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Project is based on materials from the family archive . Our teacher Terikova E.vgeniay Rubenovna helped us . Story is about her father.

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