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Методическая разработка по английскому языку "Правила написания личного письма""

Описание всех этапов написания личного письма с образцами писем.
содержимого документа

Английский язык

Правила написания личного письма

При написании личного письма необходимо соблюдать объем письма[1], его форму и нормы вежливости, принятые в англоязычных странах.

  1.                В верхнем правом углу адрес отправителя:

Flat 25,

64, Sobornaya Street,



Под адресом – дата написания письма: 5th May, 2019 или 5/05/2019 (британский английский) или March 5, 2019 (американский английский)

  1.                Обращение-приветствие в соответствии с неофициальным стилем: Dear ….
  2.                В начале письма важно выразить благодарность за полученное письмо: 

Thank you for your letter. It was interesting to read it. Thanks for your recent letter. It is great to receive it! I was happy to receive your letter and to read about your news. It was great to receive your letter. I am glad/ happy to get your letter. Glad to hear that you …I am happy to hear from you again!

  1.                Необходимо также включить ссылку на предыдущие контакты:

Sorry, I couldn’t answer you earlier (at once) because I was ill/ I was not well/ because of my trip to Moscow. Sorry, I didn’t answer at once, because I was busy. Sorry, I didn’t answer at once, because I had to ..I couldn’t answer you at once because I was busy with my school/ because I had a lot of homework. Sorry, I couldn’t write you my answer at once because…

  1.                Текст письма: In your letter you ask me about …. In your letter you want to know about my …
  2.                Задать своих 3 вопроса: What about your …? (You can ask about plans for the winter holidays, summer holidays, school clubs, the places of interest in the town, homework, school, teachers, classmates, favourite holiday, hobby, cousin, favourite sport, preparation for the exams, most unforgettable trip/ trip to Moscow, favourite author, favourite subject at school, future profession, last trip to the seaside, last visit to the cinema/ to the museum, volleyball competition, preferences in clothes/ in reading, pets, attitude to mobile phones, preferences in food).

6. В конце письма необходимо включить:

а) извинение за окончание письма/ объяснение причины окончания письма: Sorry, I must help my granny. Sorry, I have to help my little brother with his homework. Sorry, I must go now because I have to do my homework. I'd better go now. Well, I have to finish my homework. Sorry, I must go to the gym. I'm sorry it is time to …

б) фразы, выражающие желание продолжать переписку: Keep in touch! Write back soon! Drop me a line when you are free. I look forward to hearing from you.

в) финальную фразу в соответствии с неофициальным стилем: With love, Best wishes, Lots of love, All the best, Take care,

г) подпись - только имя автора: например, Alex.

Образцы писем

Letter 1

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Jane who writes:

I'm sure that clothes play an important role in your life. I like shopping for clothes. When I buy a new trendy dress or skirt, I'm so happy. What about you? Is it important for you to wear trendy clothes? How often do you go shopping? Do you think you spend too much money on clothes?

Write her a letter and answer her 3 questions. Write 100-120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.


Ответ (106 слов)



12th April, 2019

Dear Jane,

Thank you for your letter. I'm so happy to get your letter. It was very interesting for me to learn about your news.

In your letter you ask me about trendy clothes and their role in my life. As for me, I don’t pay attention to the fashion. I think that the most important feature of clothes is comfort. I seldom go shopping for clothes. As a rule, my mother buys jeans and T-shirts for me. Of course, I don’t spend much money on clothes.

Sorry, I have to do my homework now. Keep in touch.

Best wishes,



Letter 2

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Margaret who writes:

I'm fond of photography and I love taking pictures of nature and animals. What about you? What is your hobby? When did you become interested in it and why? Do your friends share your interests?

Yesterday I placed my new photos in the Internet.

Write a letter to Margaret. In your letter answer her questions and ask 3 questions about her attitude towards modern technologies. Write 100-140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.


Ответ (140 слов)



25th October, 2019

Dear Margaret,

I was happy to get your letter. It's so wonderful that you are keen on taking pictures. I's really a great hobby.

As for me, I prefer active hobbies. I like to ride a bike and I usually spend a lot of time riding it. I began to practice it when I was 7 years old. My parents bought me a bike. I was so happy! Since then cycling has become my hobby! Some of my friends have the same interest and we ride together to different places.

Well, do you use computer technologies when you take photos? Do you think they make our life easier? What computer programme do you find the most useful?

Sorry, I must go now because I have to do my homework.

Write back soon!

Best wishes,


[1] Объем письма: ОГЭ – 100-120 слов; ЕГЭ – 100-140 слов (включая свои три вопроса). Одним словом считаются: сокращенные формы (I've, it's, doesnt, wasn't); числительные, выраженные цифрами (102, 35 и т.д.); числительные, выраженные словами (twenty-one); сложные слова (pop-singer, English-speaking); сокращения (UK, e-mail, TV).





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